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My thoughts upon waking 3


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Picking up where the last left off.

Tina's body tensed as his mouth teased her opening through her thin lace panties. The pressure, warmth, and friction drawing a gasp from her. Her clit vibrated with the muffled moan he let out. The pressure inside of Tina's body started building as he continued to tease with licks and his lips over her panties. The pressure continued to grow, the more he played the more Tina reached for her orgasm. Pressing against him, slowly rocking her hips up and down, trying to guide him to the perfect spot for her pleasure. Mindlessly moaning and so close to release Tina begged "I'm going to cum. Don't stop." This caused the man to immediately pull away removing all of the glorious feeling from her now super sensitized sex. She whimpered as he pulled away completely. "You cum when I say." He stated moving backwards off the bed and standing before her. She started to sit up to watch what he was doing. "Did I tell you to move?" He asked grabbing her ankles and pulling her closer to the foot of the bed. When Tina didn't respond he slapped the outside of her thigh with enough force to sting slightly. "No." She said followed by another slap to the thigh. "No. Master." She corrected quickly. "Good girl. If I have to remind you again you will be punished for not minding." He chastised pulling a strap from somewhere beneath the bed. Tina couldn't see where. She heard Velcro rip apart and felt cool leather against her ankle a moment later.

Her mind was racing with thoughts of what could possibly be next. She'd never been tied up or had anything like this done to her. She wasn't sure why she was even willing to do this now. Had any of her past lovers suggested this she would have laughed. Let alone striking her in any capacity. She had always considered herself independent and strong if not a feminist. But this man's allure and commanding presence did something foreign to her. She didn't mind, and even liked that he wanted to take control. Wanted to have her complete agreement to give him power over her. Titillated was the only thing she could equate these new feelings to.

Another leather strap went around her left ankle. She tested her bindings as he stood before her, unbuttoning and sliding out of his white collared shirt. He pulled his undershirt over his head and dropped it to the floor with the other. Then he removed both shoes. His muscular chest and arms showed her he was someone used to working hard doing some kind of labor.

He walked to the top of the bed and pulled her shirt off of her arms tossing it to the floor as well. He then unfastened her bra and slid that off freeing her breasts to the cool air. Her taught nipples tightening just a bit more. She watched silently as he unfastened his slacks and pushed them down. His hard length visibly straining against the fabric of his boxer briefs. Tina tried not to blush as she saw the nearly bare length of him. His size larger than her last boyfriend. "Please know how to use that." She thought to herself as he stroked down the length of himself.

He leaned over her body and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking languidly. Her breath sped as he palmed her other breast and lightly pinched her taught nipple. She gently rubbed down the length of him weighing his testicles in her hand before stroking back to the top. "You like that don't you?" He asked as she continued her exploration. "Yes... master." She nearly moaned as his strong hand cupped her sex "You want it inside you, don't you?" He asked moving the lace of her panties to the side. "Yes. Oh! Yes master." she breathed as he slid one finger from her opening, through her folds, to her aching clitoris.

"Tell me what you want." He said as he lazily circled her clit with his moist fingertip. He flicked his finger quickly across her tight bud and said "Remember to ask nicely." continuing his lazy stroking. "Please... Please... Fuck me." He increased the pace of his fingers and began pressing lightly. She could feel the climax building slowly inside her, her skin began to feel flushed as he stroked and rubbed her. She moaned as he began teasing her slick entrance, slowly sliding his fingers down before returning to her swollen clit. Her muscles began tensing as she edged closer to release.

Suddenly he removed his hand and before Tina could process the loss of sensation, his slick fingers stroked across her lips. Instinctively she licked the moisture and tasted the tart flavor of her sex. He climbed fully on top of her, his weight pressing her into the soft mattress. She could feel his arousal pressed against her channel, the cotton of his boxers abrading her opening as he thrust against her. The fabric immediately became sodden with her increasing wetness. The sensations causing her internal muscles to clench as her body ached to be filled.

She moaned as he slid his erection slowly over the most intimate part of her causing her spine to tingle. He spread his legs between hers causing the restraints on her ankles to tighten as her knees were forced to bend. She could feel the tip of his hard length pressed into her channel, every nerve ending in her body felt electrified with the desire for this man to fill her completely. His hands slid up her sides, over the sides of her breasts, her nipples ached with anticipation as she waited for him to cup and caress her breasts. His hands kept moving up, along the length of her arms, until he clasped her wrists and pulled them above her head.

He lifted off of her, her skin suddenly chilled at the lack of contact. She whimpered craving his warmth along her frame, wanting the feeling of skin on skin not to stop. "Patience." He said chuckling. "I'm not even remotely done with you." She watched as he slid a panel of his headboard to the side revealing more restraints like the ones on her ankles. These were fastened to the wall with small rings. Her mind raced at the thought of being completely at the mercy of this man's desires. She felt slightly nervous as he fastened one restraint around her wrist, then tightened it so that her arm remained above her head with little slack. None of her previous lovers had ever done anything like this. They had barely taken the time to get her clothes off before they pushed inside her to take their pleasure. She had no clue what to expect as the other restraint being tightened replaced her nervousness with excitement. This man had already given her more pleasure than anyone previously and she hadn't even had an orgasm. "This is what foreplay is." She thought in awe at how much she had been missing over the years.

"Tell me how you want me to fuck you." He demanded pulling off his boxers. She watched as his bare hardness was exposed finally. Her mind temporarily entranced at the sight of him throbbing and engorged, the pink tip glistening with his excitement. Tina yearned to lick the wetness beaded there, to taste the pure masculine flavor of him. A slap to her clit broke her focus with a stinging that quickly dissipated. "Tell me. How you want me. To fuck you." He said in a clipped tone. "Deep." She breathed knowing he would fill her completely. "You want me balls deep inside you?" He asked stroking his length slowly as she watched. "Mmmhmmmm." She agreed a fresh rush of moisture pooling in her center as she watched him pleasure himself. "You want me to stretch that tight little cunt with this cock?" He asked still stroking slowly."Yes." Tina replied breathlessly thinking of how good it would feel to be taken and filled completely after so long. He smirked and said "Not yet. I can tell how cock hungry you are. You have to earn my cum."

"How?" She asked nearly desperate to do what he needed. The thought of him pounding into her until he filled her with his seed causing her sex to clench. She wondered if he would make noise when he came. She imagined how it would sound as he filled her, his deep voice grunting with satisfaction. She felt a rush of even more liquid in her center, moisture overflowing from her sheath. Tina shivered sightly as she felt a small trickle run from her opening to pool at her rear entrance.
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