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The unexpected

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So, it’s nearly 1 Pm Friday, I’ve finished work early for the week thanks to Mistress’s command several weeks ago to get the afternoon off. So that I can go with her to a work function of hers, she is to speak at tonight.

As I towel myself off, I think to myself that maybe I am at the end of my period of punishment and denial of seeing Mistress that has been in place for the last 3 weeks. The suit I am to wear to the event tonight arrived at my place last week and a parcel arrived this morning that I am told has my instructions of how I am to get to Mistress’s place and the clothes to wear on the trip from my place to hers this afternoon.  I have been strictly forbidden from opening the package until I have showered and shaved and otherwise ready to leave at 1:10 Pm.


Admittedly the punishment and inability to see her is my own fault. Last time we were together she did expressly tell me not to lick while she rubbed her cum soaked pussy over my face and I did briefly disobey in a moment of weakness. Surely 3 weeks of wearing a cock cage, denial of privilege to see her, strict orders to not engage in any kind of sexual activity with ANYONE, until next i see her again, to do anything that doesn’t involve sex that any stranger asks you to, without question. Is punishment enough.


Mistress is happy for me to have sex with other people so long as it does not involve another Dominant or BDSM in general. Basically, Vanilla sex only, and I MUST tell her about it.  Although I have never taken advantage of that freedom it’s just not really me. But 3 weeks is a long time and I guess Mistress figured that there is always a first time for everything.


Shaved, showered and towelled off, I with equal parts anticipation and dread open the package from Mistress. Inside I find a tube of lube gel, a medium sized butt plug, a pair of tight black nylon shorts, A Fluro green and pink T shirt with bold black lettering on the front that says, “I’m Free, hit on me” and on the back that says, “Spank me” with an arrow that points down under that in smaller letters “HARD”. “Okay then” I think.

The instructions read,
1) It should be obvious what to do with the lube and butt plug. “DO IT NOW”. I do as commanded.

2) Put on the shirt, shorts socks and joggers on, I do it.

3) Put your wallet, phone, keys and these instructions once you have finished reading them in the suit bag with the suit.

4) Walk the 10 kilometres from your place to mine following the route marked on the map on the next page. “OH crap” that route will take me through a rough part of town and an industrial area. So “Maybe not done with the punishment then” I think.

5) Use your white cane as you walk the entire route

6) “BE HERE BY 3:00 PM”.

I am legally blind but not totally blind. I do sometimes need to use my white mobility cane, but during the middle of the day like this I should be fine without it. So obviously Mistress wants me to draw a lot of attention to myself and clearly be very hot and sweaty when I get to her, as it is 38 degrees Celsius outside right now.

I commit the route to memory and set of walking. About 20 minutes into the route, I’m through the rough part of town fairly uneventfully and into the industrial area. I breathe a small sigh of relief for that, but I am still feeling vulnerable and a bit humiliated, but I guess that is the point of all this. Up ahead in front of the warehouse of a large furniture retailer I see a largish transit van parked with the rear doors open and a petite woman maybe mid to late 30’s, 5 foot 2 inches tall if she is lucky.  wearing a simple light cotton summer dress, her face is quite naturally attractive, and she has long dark hair. She is trying to lift one end of a long low entertainment unit up into the van and failing badly. There is another unit on the path waiting to go in also.  She turns and sees me approaching as I get close. She studies me for a moment first looking at the white cane and then the front of the shirt, she hesitates another minute and asks can you help me get these in the van pointing to the entertainment units adding they are not really that heavy, but I just can’t manage it by myself? In my head I hear Mistress “until you see me next, do anything that doesn’t involve sex that any stranger asks you to” and “BE HERE BY 3:00 PM” This shouldn’t take long I think to myself, and I have been commanded to help if asked. Sure, I say happily. She tells me If I like I can lay the suit bag out on the front passenger seat and leave the cane there also while I help. Grateful not to have to lay the suit bag on the ground I put them up front.


We fairly quickly get both pieces up in the van and slide them down to the front of the cargo area side by side, She then asks if I can lay on top of them and use some straps that she holds out toward me to tie them down to the anchor points up front so they won’t move around while driving around, and that because the side door is stuck closed and there is not enough room to walk down the sides of them. and if she has to lay on top of them to do it anyone coming up the road behind the van will be able to see up her dress and see that she isn’t wearing any knickers, because it’s so damn hot today.  I agree and she gives me a couple of blankets to put between units and on top to protect from knocking together on bumpy roads and from the straps. I wedge a blanket between them and spread one out across the top. I begin to slide myself down the top of them to attach the straps. Then all of a sudden “Whack on the arse” I hear her giggle behind me, she says you shouldn’t wear the shirt if you don’t want it to happen. Then whack again more giggling. “Fair point I suppose” I say and get a third slap on the arse for my trouble. I slide further down the front till my head was level with the front of the furniture and began attaching the straps to secure the pieces. Being 6 foot 2 inches tall, part of my legs and feet were dangling over the other end. I then feel a hand running up the inside of my leg to my crotch then start up the crack of my arse, then a slight gasp of surprise as it finds the butt plug, “ooh you are a bit kinky then aren’t you” she says with a slight giggle in her voice. I roll on to my back and start to sit up to talk to her as I feel a loop slide over my left foot and then tighten. Quickly followed by another over the right then some tension being applied as the straps are attached to anchor points in the back of the van and pulled tight.   I am now sitting upright with my knees bent over the end of the furniture, there are wide straps looped around each ankle and attached with sturdy metal hooks to tie down points on the side of the floor, tightened to a point where I can’t stand up with my legs pulled apart. Stunned I sit motionless for a moment as she moves to stand right in front of me.


Standing in front of me looking slightly down at me with her small pert breast right in my face. She says, you must be a naughty boy walking around with a shirt like that and a butt plug in, you must be interested in some kinky sex experiences. I start to babble out a protest, she holds a finger to her lips and shoves her breast in my face and rubs them around until the nipple harden slightly and start to poke out the fabric of the dress visibly. She moves back ever so slightly and continues speaking. This heat and wearing no knickers is making me really horny. My husband likes to watch me fuck other men and for them to eat my pussy out when they have cum in me, I am going to fuck you and he is going to watch me do it then you are going to clean me up while he is watching Okay.


Just then she gives my shoulders a shove to push me onto my back and the side door slides open, a huge, muscled arm grabs mine, yanks it down through a loop in a strap that is quickly tightened and anchored to the floor, my other arm follows close behind to the other side of the floor. Now straddling me with a knee either side of my hips, this petite woman says, Naughty boy meet my husband, I call him babe. But you don’t talk to him at all. I turn my head to the side to see a huge hulk of a man probably 7 feet tall and definitely no stranger to heavy weights on a regular basis grinning at me. He gives me a half wave and says, “good to go doll”, she nods, and he slides the door shut, the rear doors are quickly shut as she shoves a gag in my mouth, fastens it and says quietly if you are very good, I’ll take it out a little later.  In my head I hear Mistress’s strict orders to “not engage in any kind of sexual activity with ANYONE” I am in big trouble now. Mistress will not be happy at all.  


I hear the engine start and feel the van start to move, Still straddling my hips the woman slips her dress over her head and drops it to the floor revealing her full naked body to me with her bare breast on full display nipples pointing out and just waiting to be sucked on, and her recently waxed pussy on full display for me.  She shuffles forward, leans over with the flat of her stomach pressing into my face as she reaches between the front seats to retrieve something.


She straightens up again and shows me a vibrator and some lube, says if you don’t mind, I’ll just get myself going for a bit before I get to you. Another Giggle from her. “Like I have a choice about that” I think.

She drops a hand down between her legs to rub herself several times before inserting a couple of fingers in her pussy, slowly sliding them in and out until they are quite wet with her juices. She Pulls them out and makes a show of licking the end of one finger before repeating the process again, then making a show of showing me how wet they are and rubbing them across my top lip and under the end of my nose so I could smell her pussy on my face. My cock is now hardening and uncomfortable inside the cock cage, I groan to myself.


She wrestles my T shirt up over my head, lubes up the vibrator and slips it inside herself ever so slowly sliding it in and out, I now hear it start to buzz away, and I am not the only one gently moaning to myself. She looks up at my face and gently says, “good you are watching me I like that very much when babe and who ever I am fucking are watching me, but neither of you can do anything about it. A mischievous smile crosses her face as she continues. Eventually asking with a low husky, sultry as hell voice “Babe, you are watching me aren’t you” the reply comes back “yes I am watching doll, just fuck him already” A short sharp hard “be patient Babe” is shot back to the front of the van.


Her pace sliding the vibrator in and out starts to pick up now as her breath starts to quicken. Her juices start to drip off the vibrator and out of her pussy on to my chest and nipples. My cock and balls are now very uncomfortable and aching thanks to the cock cage.  As she slides the vibrator in a little deeper the van bounces over a pothole or maybe a gutter if Babe was to intensely watch what was going on in the back in the rear-view mirror rather than watching the road. She let a little scream half pained and half pleasure at the sensation. She pulls the vibrator out, drops it to the floor of the van and in that sexy as hell voice says, “now I am ready for you naughty boy”. She shuffles backward a bit leans over and licks up her juices off my chest and sucks on my nipples for a bit. “Oh god I am in SO much trouble with Mistress” I think, and my cock hurts so much in the cage “god please let me out of the cage”


My horny capture leans forward on to all fours and turns around with her soaking wet pussy dripping down over my face lowers herself down and rubs herself over my face. Thanks to the gag I have no chance of licking now. She pulls my shorts down as far as she can, then with an angry not happy voice shouts, “Fuck Babe he has a cock cage on, find somewhere I need servicing NOW, RIGHT NOW” I hear a groan and a clipped “Finding somewhere doll” The engine revs harder and the vans movement becomes more erratic. While Babe searched for somewhere.


While she waits for Babe to find somewhere she grinds herself into my face and starts to suck on my balls hanging out of the cock cage, and to push and pull on the butt plug still in my arse very enthusiastically. “Oh, shit that feels good, but mistress is really going to make me pay for this” I think to myself.


The inside of the van suddenly gets dark as I feel it start to go downwards, Babe must of found a basement carpark to pull into.  A couple of speed bumps and hard turns later the van comes to a stop and the engine is killed. She lifts up off my face, then gives me a few good slaps to the torso and inner thighs. In that husky sultry voice says “now naughty boy, just how can I fuck you with a cock cage on your cock” I shrug, what else can I do.


Now Babe has got his trousers off and has climbed through the front seats into the back and is kneeling either side of my head facing the back of the van, his enormous cock hard and ready for action pointing outward over my face. Doll starts to shuffle backwards towards Babe’s cock, He grabs her hips with his massive hands and in one swift motion pulls her back on to his throbbing cock. She squeals at the sudden motion then moans as she feels him fully inside her pussy. He slowly pulls almost all the out and slams himself back into her starts to repeat this motion and she says don’t tease me Babe. He fires back “be patient doll” She tries to push herself back onto him as he slowly slides out again but his huge hands around her hips put and end to that.

I moan and grunt around the gag as my cock throbs and strains inside the cock cage. They both stop and seem to realize at the same time that I still have the gag in my mouth. She says if we take the gag out are you going to do something silly like scream or yell out? I shake my head side to side. Will you promise not to bite or try to injure either of us.  I nod my consent. Will you promise to clean up all the cum from my pussy and Babe’s cock when he is done. I nod slightly more enthusiastically. In that harsh I am not taking shit from anyone voice she tells Babe “Get it out of his mouth and get your cock deep inside me. hard and fast NOW! I want your cum in me five minutes ago. GOT IT?” “Yes, Doll is the quiet reply” Babe releases the gag at the back of my head pulls it out of my mouth and drops it to the floor. He grabs her hips again and slowly starts to enter her again going slow and in control of the pace. She more angrily says “That’s not hard or fast BABE” don’t make me suck the cum out of you.  That way we all miss out on the really good part.


With that Babe grippes her hips tighter and slammed himself into her squashing his balls between them making a satisfying slap. then rapidly picking up the pace fucks her hard. She starts gasping and playing with my butt plug again. “Oh god this cock cage is either going to cut off all the blood supply to my cock or my cock is going to burst it open” The second possibility is highly unlikely, it’s strong metal and has a good lock on it. Mistress does not take chances with things like that.  


The pace just above my face now is what can only be described as frantic her moaning and gasping he is grunting and thrusting hard.  My face is now saturated in her juices which I am licking up off my own face as best I can, as far as I can reach with my tongue.  In between thrusts she is begging him to fill her with cum. At this point I think I want that about as much as she does.  In between thrust I see his cock start to pulse and twitch. Babe gives her a hard slap on the arse and pulls her onto to his cock with all his strength and holds himself deep inside her like that. She moans “yeah Babe that’s what I want give it all to me”. He moans and pulls her harder to him. Her juices start to flow more freely from her pussy almost a stream now and then “oh god yes” here comes his cum dribbling out as well. I open my mouth as wide as I can to catch as much of everything as I can, swallowing everything eagerly down. Her pussy juice tasting so sweet his cum so hot and salty. He still holds himself deep inside her and they are both breathing hard now, they move a little to lower themselves down so my tongue can reach to lick her pussy, clit and his balls to clean up every last drop of cum and juice. Once I have finished and they are satisfied I have cleaned it all up, he slides out of her. She turns to inspect his cock, balls and my face, and says “what about his shaft. I still see cum on that” I say, “it was hard to clean that while it was shoved deep in your pussy” For my trouble I get a hard slap to the inner thigh and a big circular wiggle of the butt plug. In that hard “I take no shit tone again” “It’s not there now is it”. I stick my tongue back out and start to lick along the length of his shaft and around the head to clean it up. That mischievous smile again and the sweet voice says, “that’s better naughty boy”. When I finished to her satisfaction she commanded “Babe back up front and drive after you put your pants back on”. You can watch the video while you drive but do try and keep at least one eye on the road AND! Both hands of the wheel. My mind is now racing “OOOHHH Crap! what video and Mistress cannot EVER see that” but can I have a copy Please. I however don’t have the guts to ask for it.


As soon as the van starts moving again, she says now you have to finish me off properly. You have to make me cum now, with that she moves up and puts her pussy right in my face, she is facing forward I guess so Babe can watch better. She starts playing with her own nipples tugging and twisting them, in a deep guttural voice says “LICK”. I do as I am told, licking, sucking, poking my tongue into her pussy and lapping up any remaining cum. She starts to tremble, and shake then says, “suck my clit softly naughty boy” Again, I do as requested and with that, she comes all over my face and neck. A few more minutes of clean up work and some playful giggling. Some light spanking to my thighs and crotch. And she announces, “Okay Babe we’re done here, it’s drop off time”.


A few minutes later the van comes to a stop, my shorts have been pulled back up, my shirt pulled back over my head and down.  They release my restrains, let me out of the van hand me the suit bag and white cane. Slam the side door shut, climb in the front seats of the van. Babe gives the engine a rev. Doll opens the passenger window and in that sexy as hell voice says “Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. Have a nice life” giggling as she closes the window. Babe guns the engine hard, and they speed away.


Looking around and checking my phone to work out where the hell I am, I discover that luckily, I am only 3 blocks from Mistress’s place and have 15 minutes to get there.
I arrive at Mistress’s with a few minutes to spare, pause at the front gate before going in. thinking how the hell do I tell Mistress about this.


I knock on the front door Hot, sweaty, thirsty, horny as all hell. And full of dread of what to expect from Mistress. The door opens at once before I decide to turn and run-in shame. Mistress smiles then scowls and says you have only just made it in time. She then pauses and her jaw drops as she takes in the full sight off me, with dried cum and pussy juice all over my face and the smell of sex all over my upper body. She grabs my arm pulls me inside, slams the door while hissing out “You have been tom catting around, haven’t you? I start to stammer as I speak with nerves “Yyyy yes Mistress bbb-but” She says, “but nothing” What were the terms of your punishment? I repeat them verbatim to her. “Just don’t speak to me UNTIL I tell you too” in her “I am very serious voice” I nod my understanding.


I am stripped naked with the exception of the cock cage, collared with a wide, very stiff leather collar and thick chain, then led to her dungeon, placed bent over in the standing neck and wrist stocks.  Now standing in front of me caressing a flogger Mistress asks, “so what am I going to do with you now!” I say nothing.


To be continued or not????










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