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Midnight Visitor PART #2

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My heart was racing as I flicked on my blinker for the exit off the highway. I looked down at the phone sitting on my lap, four minutes then I would be at my destination. Four minutes and my body would belong to this man, this stranger with the glowing eyes that made my body burn with desire.

I turned down a darkened street with houses lining both sides. Passing  the first two houses I tried to read the house numbers but with the street so poorly lit it was impossible. There were many cars parked in driveways and out on the side of the street. I realized these houses were all multi family apartments, not only could I not read the house numbers I had no idea if he was going to be on the first, second or even third floor. I knew from my map that I was close so I decided to park on the side of the street and text him that I had arrived.

“Hi, I made it but I’m not sure what house is yours” pressing the send button I waited for his reply.

I popped open my door and hopped out onto the street looking around for movement by any near by houses.

“I will be right out” came his reply a moment later.

Across the street I saw a shape moving toward me the glow of a phone in one hand and the other waving me over.

“Come, come park over here behind the black car!” He yelled over.

Holding my breath I jumped back into my jeep and slowly pulled into his driveway. Did my heart feel like it was about to beat right out of my chest as I put my car in park and opened my car door?, absolutely! No one really ever knows what to expect on a first meeting. Sometimes the attraction is just like you thought it would be, sometimes it’s not, but this…this was a hole new *** all together.

I hopped out the door, turned and there he was. No words were spoken as he wrapped me up in his arms and held my body tightly to his. I took in his scent and the warmth of his body. My hands running up his sides to his upper back and digging my fingers into his shoulders. His hands came up to my face as his lips hungrily met mine. The earth fell away at that moment, the sound of dogs barking, car engines in the distance disappeared and the only sound I could hear was the beating of my own heart. His hands started exploring my body, squeezing my ass, as he pressed himself into me. I could feel his hard cock through his pants eager to come out and play. His hands moved up my torso to my breasts palming them and pinching my nipples. I let out a small moan as he kissed me harder. My fingers raked down his back and around his sides to the front of his pants, my finger dipping inside the waist band. I wanted his cock I wanted to undo his jeans get on my knees and taste him. My nipples were hard as little stones and my pussy I could feel was soaking wet, throbbing with my want and desire.  I pressed my pelvis against his. He answered in return pressing his cock so hard against me it almost hurt. His hand moved down my hips finding the top slit in my pants, I could feel his fingers moving toward my wet little pussy, the closer his fingers got the more my pussy throbbed.

I had not been this turned on in well…I could not even remember the last time. My fingers clawed at the button of his pants as I felt his fingers parting my wet warm lips. I wanted to take him right there, right in the middle of his drive way for anyone to see. At that moment in time I did not care one bit. With a deep groan he ran  his hands back up my body his face pulling away from mine.

“Come with me” He whispered breathlessly as he grabbed my wrist and started walking to his front door. Climbing the first step he opened the door and paused. Turning back with a very mischievous smile on his handsome face. His eyes still held that ethereal glow even in the darkness.

“ Do you remember my name?” his smile broadening as the look on my face and my silence gave him his answer.

I stood there like I had suddenly hit a brick wall. His name, I know he told me, did he tell me? AJ, was that his name or did I give him that nick name. In my inner panic a sly smile spread across my face, I was not even in control of it. Holding his gaze I slowly shook my head.

“That’s fantastic!” He said with a loud laugh and pulled me inside the corridor.

I remember walking through the sun room and into the living room with his hand still wrapped around my wrist but I could not tell you what the rooms looked like. There could have been a tiger laying on the floor I would not have noticed. All I could think of was what I wanted to do to this man, what I wanted him to do to me. To completely drain him over and over again, I could feel his desire and it fueled my own. He opened the door to his room and pulled me in.

The room was modest some dressers and hanging racks for cloths, the queen size bed in the middle of the room took up most of the space. The lights were off but he had candles burning on his night stand that bathed the room in an amber glow. His arms wrapped around me as his lips met mine his hands traveling, gliding over my body as he moved his lips down to my neck. Grabbing the side of my tank top he lifted my white tank top up exposing my breasts, his fingers rubbing and pinching my nipples. I took my shirt and pulled it off the rest of the way tossing it on to the floor. I backed up against the bed accidentally making myself sit on the edge. He leaned over me as I laid back on the bed his wet warm lips moving from my neck down to my pink hard nipples, sucking and licking them. I moaned softly I did remember I had mentioned how much I enjoyed having my nipples sucked on in one of our late night conversations I was very pleased he remembered.

My pussy was throbbing I wanted his cock in me, filling me. The thought of this man pumping load after load deep inside of my tight wet pussy was driving me up the wall. His hands grabbed the waistline of my pants and pulled them down. His mouth moved down kissing my stomach moving down past my belly button until his hot tongue slowly slid between my smooth wet lips. His tongue worked its way up towards as his lips wrapped around my clit. He tugged my pants off the rest of the way and spread my legs wider. As his tongue explored my pussy he unfastened his pants tugging them off as his tongue came back massaging my clit. I wanted to explode, I could have cum so fast and hard right then but not yet. I grabbed his head and gently lifted it up he knew right away what I wanted. He sat up on his knees, his cock was rock hard the tip swollen, dripping. His dick was bigger than in his photos and I hopped if he had a roommate that they were not home because if they were I was definitely going to wake them up.

I reached up pulling his body against mine my hips rising up rubbing my wet pussy against his cock. He wrapped one arm around the back of my neck and grabbed the top of the mattress as his swollen tip found my tight little hole. I let out a cry as his hips thrust forward my nails digging into his back his cock thrusting harder and deeper inside of me, stretching me. He was so hard and not to mention larger than most of the lovers I have had in the past. He was so tight inside of me that when he would pull out a bit and try to thrust deeper my tight little hole would squeeze him forcing his cock out of me.

“Harder” I whispered in his ear and he obliged .

Holding me tighter against the bed he thrust harder…faster until he was deep inside of me. My moans that night had to have been heard from across the street. My pussy wrapped around his cock perfectly, I could feel his shaft getting harder, his tip swelling.

“Where…where do you want it” He asked through moans of his own.

“I want you to fill me, I want you to pump your thick hot load deep inside of me all…night…long.”

He let out a cry as he dug his fingers into my shoulder his cock exploding inside of me, I could feel every throb every pulse as he pumped his  hot seed into me. Grabbing my face in both hands he kissed me then slowly sat back up on his knees his cock shimmering in the glow of the candle light covered in a mixture of his cum and my juices . I sat up and pushed him sideways on the bed. He landed on his back as I shifted my body down the bed and brought my mouth down to his cock. I took his tip into my warm wet mouth licking and sucking it clean, my sweet juices mixed with his cum tasted delicious. I moved my lips further down his shaft, his soft moans growing louder as his cock began to grow rock hard again. I sucked harder, faster until he sat up quickly and roughly rolled me over on my stomach. Spreading my legs he mounted me from behind digging his fingers into my hips and thrusting his cock into me hard and fast. I clawed at the sheets as my moans filled the room once more. Pushing me down into the bed he fucked my little pussy like he was reminding me that my body was his, my pussy was his, he owned me…all of me and I was loving every second of it.

Lifting my hips up and propping me back on to my knees he thrust his cock deep inside of me faster and faster. He let out a growl between clenched teeth his cock pumping more and more hot cum into me. This time he kept thrusting as he came I could feel his cum running down the inside of my thighs. Both of us breathing hard he slowly crawled off the bed as I sort of crumpled on top of it panting .

“Your sheets are going to need to be washed” I said chuckling and motioning over to the wet pools of cum that were soaking into the sheets .

“Oh I’m not worried about that in the least” as he pointed upward at his clothing wrack. I followed his gaze and saw he had plenty of clean sheets for later.

“Come let’s shower” He said as he took me by the hand and helped me off of the bed and led me to his bathroom.


This very tantalizing and making me want more 🧚🏻‍♀️

Great writing. I feel like I’m there. I love your work.

Thank you for enjoying my story, honestly I could have kept writing much longer. It was a truly hot experience.


And racing to find part 3 😁 so sexy

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