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Midnight Visitor PART #3

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The cool water felt good running over my skin but his hands felt better. As the water ran over us I leaned my naked body against him as his soapy hands glided over my torso, massaging my breasts, arms, digging his sudsy fingers into my sides as he kissed and lightly bit the nape of my neck. The way my body reacted to this man was amazing, his scent, his voice, his touch…everything about him drew me in. I was not tired, I was however a bit sore from being fucked so hard not 10 minutes ago but I wanted more. My pussy still ached for him. I arched my back pushing my ass against his cock and to my astonishment I was rock hard! He needed no recovery time. I reached behind me stroking his long hard shaft, his soft moans growing louder as his teeth bit into the back of my neck.

He pressed his body up against me moving me to the back of the tub. With one hand on the center of my back the other grabbing my side he bent me over. My hands grasped the edge of the porcelain tub just as his thick swollen tip thrust into me. I let out a yelp, in that position bent over trying to balance all of my muscles tightened, his cock felt huge inside of my tight little pussy, the louder I moaned the harder and faster he went, our wet body’s slapping together as he dug his fingers into my hips. I felt his cock swelling ready to release. Throwing his head back with a loud grunt he exploded in to me, I tighten my muscles around him milking every last drop from his tip as his body shook against me.

We washed up again, embracing, kissing… we could not keep our hands off each other. Finally stepping out of the tub we both noticed the floor had become completely soaking wet. The bathroom rug drenched and squishing under our feet.

“I will deal with it tomorrow “ He said handing me a towel.

“It is tomorrow” I purred in his ear, smiling he took me by the hand and led me back to his bed.

I fell on his bed with my towel still wrapped around my waist, legs dangling over the side of the bed as I watched him drying off. I loved watching his body move, he had a slim yet athletic build with a nicely built chest with just enuf fur covering it, he bent down toweling off his legs letting his towel drop exposing his cute little ass, he complained he has no ass but I loved squeezing it and giving him playful slaps while he was fucking me.  He stood over me moving my legs apart  as he started unwrapping the towel around my waist. Kneeling to the floor he started kissing my inner thighs. I watched as his lips moved up between my legs, I could feel my clit starting to throb, his hot breath against my lips made my pussy nice and wet for him. Slowly his wet warm tongue pushed its way into my tight little hole. I moaned bringing my hands to the back of his head as his tongue slid in and out of me. His lips moving up to my clit I closed my eyes and surrendered my body.

Where did this man come from? How was it that a complete stranger could know my body so well? Could read my movements and know precisely what I wanted? Our body’s fit perfectly together and even though I was sore I still wanted more. I wanted everything this man was willing to give. It was time. I had waited to cum, edging myself all this time. I had brought my toy with me, a little blue vibrator that I loved to use while having sex. I knew the longer I held out the harder I would cum and with his perfect mouth and amazing tongue sucking on my clit I could not hold on any longer.

Taking my hands to the side of his face  I gently gave a tug and he rose up. I scooted my body back up the bed to the pillows.

“Sit on my chest” I whispered motioning him to climb on top of me.

He came up straddling my chest his balls resting on the top of my cleavage. His cock had started to thicken as I licked my lips. Grabbing his ass I pushed his hips forward so his tip was right in front of my hungry mouth. With my warm wet little tongue I started tracing the edges around his head feeling his cock starting to stiffen as his tip swelled and started to drip. I licked off the salty pre cum and started sucking on him letting him choose the speed. I loved sucking on his cock, feeling it swell and stiffen inside my mouth. By the sounds he was making he enjoyed it as well.

Taking his cock in my hand I started stroking him as I licked and sucked on his testicles , moving my tongue around them in a circle, ever so gently sucking them into my hot mouth. I looked up at him , into his beautiful glowing  eyes.

“Fuck me” I whispered grabbing my little vibrator from under the pillow.

He swung over to the side of the bed rolling me over onto my stomach in the proses. Grabbing my hips he pulled me towards him as his tip entered my little wet hole I reached down and placed my toy next to my clit and turned it on.

I could not in my wildest dreams ever try to explain the pure pleasure I was experiencing at that moment. My muscles clenched against his cock so hard I kept pushing him out of me. Every time he thrust deeper and deeper. I wanted to wait for him, to cum together . He had brought himself deep inside me careful not to go too hard.

“ I’m gonna cum!” He yelled louder than I think he intended.

Every muscle in my body contracted as shock waves took over . I finally let go, all of the holding back, all of the waiting ended in one big pulsing explosion. My moans were all I could hear as I arched my back as my pussy throbbed and contracted, my muscles squeezing him, milking him as he thrust pumping  me full of his thick seed, draining him of every drop as my hot juices wrapped around him like a tight warm blanket.

Breathing hard we both lay there, our body’s intertwined hot and sweaty. I turned off my little toy and pushed it back under the pillow.  His cock still resting inside of me as the aftershocks passed through. Grabbing my face he kissed me hard breathless. His hands moved to my breasts squeezing them together. Bringing his lips down to my nipples he started hungrily sucking on them one then the other over and over. The sensation went strait to my pussy making me thrust my hips up making me need his cock back inside of me.

What the hell has this man done to me, I thought as I bit my lip trying not to start begging for it. It was him, his chemical connection. It was a shocking realization. I have had good sex, but that’s not what this was. This was something different, there was another part of me in control with him, something primal controlled by want…lust…need. Most times I have sex, I enjoy myself then after we both cum I get dressed and that’s that. Not with him, my body craved his cock, tongue, every part of him and I was ***.

I looked up at the windows and noticed dawn was well on its way. I had to be home by 8am. Looking at the clock for the first time since I jumped out of my car I was shocked that it was already 5am.

“I’m not done with you yet, come let’s rince off” as he spoke that sly mischievous smile spread across his face…

For two more hours we enjoyed each other’s body’s, his cock ability to recover almost instantly after cuming was physiologically astounding to me. From 12am to the last shower we took at 7am he came seven or more times, honestly I stopped counting. The entire time his cock enjoyed my mouth, my tight little wet pussy and my tits as he sat on my chest my breasts held together as his cock glided through them, his tip dripping onto my chest running down to the base of my neck.

He watched me from his bed as I started to get dressed. The morning light flooding into the room from the two large windows on either side of his bed. Finally dressed I sat on the edge of the bed smiling at him. Reaching up he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed.

“Will you come back?” He asked, no mischievous smile no amusing look on his face, he genuinely wanted to know.

“How could I not want to come back” I said slipping my hand over his sheets down between his legs. He put his hand over mine pressing down hard over his cock. I blushed, completely stupid reaction considering this man had used just about my entire body as his playground.

“Good” He replied that mischievous grin coming back spreading across his handsome face. He let my hand up as I rose off the bed. He got out of bed and walked around  to accompany me out to my car. Before I opened my door to hop in he backed me up against my car and started kissing me long and deep pressing his body into mine. Then we embraced once more and he brought his lips to my ear.

“Michael” He softly whispered

“My name is Michael”…

 I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath. The memories of our time together still fresh and vivid in my mind the handsome man I almost did not meet and just by chance, a feeling I made a decision and ended up with night upon night, hours upon hours of pure pleasure. I opened my eyes taking one last long gaze into the darkness before closing my window and climbing into my empty bed with nothing but my memories to keep me company.


P.S  If by chance you are reading this I have to admit my visits with you were the best sex I have ever had. The way you could read my body and know just from my movements exactly what I wanted is a skill few are able to master. You will forever stay fondly in my memory always.

Ladies,  if you ever have the great privilege to get a chance to play with this (*lucky charm*) you are in for a ride I can guarantee you will never forget.

·        The names of the characters have been changed to protect their privacy.



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Blindfolded and hands tight above your head, you should be, warm oil on you skin and hands rubbing it all over...

I'm working on my next little tale, I hope I can have it finished soon.

Posted (edited)

Wow your a very lucky lady to have had such a fantastic experience thanks for sharing. 

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Vic1077 I'm very glad you enjoyed my story. It was an absolutly incredible experience, one of those only found in movies moments. It's important to share these experiences it encourages others that there are perfect sexual matches out there. There just waiting to be found😉

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