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What is going on? Is this a new fetish? I need help!

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Background story
>I identify as female and I like everyone, I don't reject anyone for who they are. Married for years to a man.
Both parents cheated on each other, tried to make it work but separated eventually even though they are still in touch. Dad has a gf (for more than 10 years) but still has sex with my mom and this other woman he met online and that only my mom knows about. Because of this, I was very insecure and somewhat jealous in past relationships.

So here's what I am confused about:
My relationship with my husband was very rocky at first but really good nowadays. Good communication, shared hobbies, amazing sex (very much so). He says he feels closer to me and loves me more than ever and so do I.
We've opened up a lot about everything, sex included. I've always known he wanted a FFM threesome and I used to get extremely anxious over this and him liking other girls.

One day I just... Switched. He used to say he wanted to talk about girls on the street we both found attractive (just occasionally though). So one day he went out with his coworkers and he told me about this one girl he found hot. It made me very anxious at first but... I got over it very quickly. I started getting... Aroused. He was as well and he kept telling me how arousing it was to talk about other girls with your wife. How that made me look like the prettiest and hottest woman ever. We had amazing sex afterwards.

After that day I think I was even expecting him to talk to me about other girls again. I didn't say anything though because I was so confused about the whole thing.
Just yesterday he told me about this other girl he doesn't know at all from work but finds hot. I kept asking for details and I wasn't anxious at all... Just very, very aroused. You guys know how this ended as well.

So here's my question. I don't know if I want to see my husband have sex with another girl in front of me but I would be okay with a threesome. I also don't mind hearing about how he likes other girls and it is very arousing to see his reactions, what he says and does to me.

I guess it makes sense I am this way (seeing my past) but am I a "cuckqueen" or what is going on?? Is this a fetish?

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Maybe it's a thing for bi/pan Capricorn girls cuz s a m e
Like it is pretty wholesome to feel secure enough in a relationship to speak freely about what you find attractive. I was always curious about what's on my my man's mind and I'd love him to ditch the taboo and just talk about it. And it's super hot to share this level of intimacy to talk about it + if you start such topic with your partner, the brain automatically gets into the state of mind of fantasies and arousal. So I think it may just be the psychological thing combined with having a relatively sexual topic. Dunno if it has a name but you're not alone there 😅
Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just ensure that before you do consider a 3rd party that its something you will be ok with. Playing with the fantasy is one thing having the 3rd party there is a total other thing but while you guys are just talking go out and have fun with it go out together and have a look around for someone you both find attractive play with that fantasy talk about what you both would enjoy and go home for the real fun or bring role-play into the mix and get all dressed up and let him pic you up from a bar be the other girl. Dont overthink it its 100% normal.
Girl! You and me both!!!!! Very similar over here! You’re not alone. It’s like so hot to think about but you’re just so unsure.
This is actually quite a common feeling I believe. Having a ‘threesome’ can be seen as a first step, if you like, into supporting and encouraging a partner to meet other people by themselves.

In my early “kinky” days, I was very keen for my partners to play with others - without me being there and involved - because I used to be away for around 8/9 months at a time, I clearly couldn’t be involved physically in our sex play - and I very much enjoyed the thought of my then partner playing with someone else.
So we started with threesomes….myself being one of the males involved.

It was her suggestion. She wanted to make certain that I was happy with her playing with someone else in my absence.

If the threesome went well, I was happy for her to play with that same person again without me.
That worked both ways.
She would be turned on by the build up to a session, and once she had watched - and been involved in the threesome (MFF) she would be comfortable with me playing with her again solo.

Since that time, and with successive partners who have wanted to meet others on their own, I have suggested threesomes as a way of validating my statement that I am very comfortable with them meeting other people.

As a side effect of this, when they start looking for and chatting with prospective sexual partners, I - and at least one of my play partners, find that incredibly arousing… and part of the build up.

We have conditions for play partners for both of us. These are pre agreed by BOTH of us.
And are unbreakable.
Things like - making sure if we meet a prospective play partner and decide to go ahead, we must both make sure we tell the other JUST BEFORE any play takes place -that it is going to happen.

Afterwards, an immediate check call - so that we know that the other is happy and safe.

We often share pictures of our meets in real time also - so that the absent partner can enjoy the experience - and feel involved.

Are you a Cuckqueen ?

I would say - probably yes. I think you could describe yourself as such.

I hope that makes sense - and helps ?
I think you’ve just developed an attraction to women.
I think it’s a great idea to experience all the things that lie ahead.
The only reason I’m weighing in is to suggest you take time with this new thing to take all you can from it and let it breathe.
Sometimes we get a bit eager to rush into the next thing and miss lots of the current thing.
It takes time to see that you’re both of like mind so moving to the next thing doesn’t develop issues.
That’s experience talking there.
I wish I’d have told me way back when.
We moved too fast, she ended up jealous, and it all went to hell.

I wish you the very best, and hope you have more fun than you have imagined!!!

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