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Wanting to be a Cuckqueen

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You already know I would love to serve you. 

Get up before you, wake you up by sucking your cock, drink daddys piss, iron your clothes make your breakfast, have your dinner ready for when you get home lick your arse or suck your cock whichever sir prefers as he eats. Run daddy a bath let him use me however and whenever he wants. Do nasty dirty fun things with daddy. Doing anything to make daddy happy. That is most important. But that's just normal day to day life sir. And I have a feeling we wouldn't be too normal much of the time sir.  

We could maybe set up an alt account together daddy and I can find girls for daddy to use someone prettier and younger then me sir.

 Sometimes daddy could go and met them without me, i will iron daddys clothes help him get ready for her. But i stay at home and wonder what you are up to daddy. Maybe edge myself daddy. Then make sure your dinner is ready and clean your cock tasting her on you when you come back. 

Or maybe you go out one night and make me stay under the bed covered while daddy brings someone home and uses them on the bed above me. Telling them how pretty they are and how tight they are. Maybe chain my hands so I can't touch myself. Hearing you both cum while I'm not allowed daddy.  

Or we could go out together and daddy choses another girl and I have to have the embarrassment of asking that girl if she could please please my daddy. Even if the girl said no cause she's a nice girl she would think I'm pathetic daddy. And daddy wouldn't let us leave straight away. I would have to stay there while she probably tells her friends how perverted and pathetic I am.

 If she says yes then we would all go home and if your in a generous mood sir would allow me to lick her to get her wet for him whichever hole sir prefers to use then I actually guide sirs cock into her.  Pushing it deep in. Then while sir is fucking her I can suck on her clit so I'm pleasing the girl my daddy wants to use. Or put my tongue up daddys arse while he fucks hers.  Or lick at her pussy sir.  Then when sir cums in her arse I have to beg her to allow me to lick it out. 

If daddy isn't in a generous mood then I just have to sit in the corner of the room on my hands and just be ignored while you have fun. 

Oh daddy!!!!!

 Maybe you occasionally give control of my cum to a girl you are using. One evening you and her have fun on our sofa and I'm forbidden to look away at all but have to continuously hump at a soft toy maybe suck the girls toes and lick her feet. Maybe even hump her leg putting her foot in my pussy. But I'm not allowed to cum until she gives me permission to daddy. Maybe while wearing a pig costume daddy.  While having her knickers stuffed in my mouth. Only taking them out to clean up the mess i made cummimg on her foot. You two would end up laughing at me. 

We can find a girl that looks like daddys dream girl for him to use. And sir makes me stand in front of her and I have to say what sir prefers about her body to mine. Her boobs, flatter stomach smaller rounder arse.  And then I have to beg her to please my daddy as she's better then me. Daddy could use me a table to fuck her on. Obviously I'm only 5ft daddy so no one big please.  I bend over and you lay her on my back and fuck her.

I sometimes think there would be something humiliating in daddy using an older women too. Picking an even an older pussy over mine. But I'll still happily take it as I want daddy to be happy more then anything.  Maybe I'm set a task that I have a certain amount of time to get her off using my mouth and if I fail she gets to use that paddle told me about on me sir.

I never thought I would like the idea of dominating anyone daddy. But when I think of the idea of doing that with daddy it makes me wet. Spanking a girls arse while daddy forces his cock down her throat. Maybe use a strap on and I'll fuck her sir. Or I'll use her pussy and daddy uses her arse and we fuck her together.  Be good team building for us daddy. 

And then there was daddy's idea for our special days which the more I think about them the more I think Daddy had a good idea. I'll cook a nice Valentine's meal and you and another girl enjoy it while I eat the left overs from a dog bowl at your feet wearing her knickers over my head . 

Or on our anniversary maybe we actually go out for a meal with another girl. And I have to sit opposite the table as you are all over each other and the people at the restaurant just presume that you two are together. 

For my birthday daddy can give me a video of him using a younger (just to highlight me getting older) prettier girl and on my birthday night i have to continuously watch it while daddy goes out to use her. But I'm not allowed to cum daddy. But i would really want daddy to still come home to me just smelling and tasting of another woman. 

And our wedding day daddy you arrange to met a girl the night before. (You wouldn't be allowed to see me then daddy as I believe in tradition.) Use her. Then the next day she comes and be a witness at our wedding. I would have to say the vows love, honour and obey while a woman daddy used the night before was watching. And daddy uses her again that night as I suppose it's only polite daddy as she came to the wedding but maybe this time in front of me with her wearing my wedding dress. Her signiture will be on her our wedding certificate forever. 

Even if it was normal day to day life and there's only me and you no girl that day daddy could be speaking to other girls online or watching porn while he uses any of my holes  that will please sir. 

We could go to a lap dancing club together sir. I would just sit there while a girl dances for you. Push her smaller boobs in your face and wriggle her bum on your lap.  I could wear my toy and daddy could give her his phone and ask her to control it while she dances her young sexy body in front of him and he can't take his eyes of her. 


Wow. You sound absolutely perfect. So eloquently written and with such feeling and understanding. I couldn't have put it better myself. 

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