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First Cuckold

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I was 26, my girlfriend was 18. The sex was incredible. However, I knew that she felt somewhat jealous over the fact that I had a more extensive sexual history. With that in mind, I tried to be more tolerant of her tendency to flirt and dress provocatively.
A few months into the relationship, we decided to take a beach vacation. While there, she complained that her bikini top was too small. I knew it wasn’t a real complaint though…just an excuse for when she would inevitably “accidentally” pop out of it in public…
The thought didn’t bother me much though because… well, she was really sexy… and we weren’t around anyone we knew or would ever see again anyway.
One night, we had been partying and ended up at the hotel hot tub. There was only one other person there at the far end, an objectively attractive guy, probably closer to her age. At one point she stood up and stretched, causing her nipples to pop out of her top a bit. Slightly annoyed, I sarcastically asked her if she wanted to go talk to him…
Now, to give a bit of context…a threesome with two guys was something she had expressed as a fantasy of hers. It was an idea I had rejected, but would sometimes play along with during dirty talk…I’d tell her how hot it would be to see her sucking, getting fucked, etc.
So when I’d asked her if she wanted to go talk to him, I could see her eyes kind of light up and she asked, “Really??”
Rather than shut her down, I said, “Sure, why not?”
Thinking it might be awkward if I was sitting there when she approached him, I told her I was gonna go sit at one of the tables closer to the hotel and watch from a distance.
I watched as she made her way over and started talking to him…saw her smiling, laughing, getting closer to him…it actually was kind of hot to see…
All of a sudden I receive a text. It’s from her, saying that she “invited him up to the room for a shot of tequila, and that I should get there first and hide somewhere so I can keep watching”.
I knew she was already kinda drunk, so I texted her back that I didn’t think it was a good idea. She didn’t look back at her phone, and they were starting to stand up and grab their stuff. I texted again, then called her. Never looked back at her phone. I panicked a little and raced back to the room. I thought about just confronting her in person, but I didn’t want her to get mad…I mean, it’s just a shot…it’s not like we had agreed for anything to happen beyond talking…I didn’t want to overreact. So I got up to the room and hid in the closet right next to the bed, sliding door slightly cracked.
They entered the room shortly after, and made their way straight to the fridge. She poured the shots and they took them. He asked, “So where’s your sister, again?”
She must have told him it was a family vacation and that she was sharing the room with her sister. She poured two more shots as she explained that her sister met up with some friends who happened to be here, and would probably be gone for the night.
They took the second round of shots, and my girlfriend looked over to the closet and we very briefly made eye contact. Without hesitation, she turned to him, reached back, and untied her top! It dropped to the floor and she stood right there in front of him completely topless! He immediately stepped forward and they started making out…I was in complete shock. She backed him up to the bed, slid his shorts off…before I could even process what was happening, he was lying back and she was sucking this guy’s dick…I couldn’t believe it. I totally froze, I didn’t know what to do at all. Next thing I knew, she was climbing up on him. He was lying facing the opposite direction, so she was looking straight toward me…as she grabbed his dick and I watched her line it up then slide down onto it. I was furious…she was fucking this guy…this stranger. No condom, either…just straight barebacking it!! She rode him for a few minutes, increasingly aggressive, until I heard him grunting! She looked directly at me as she told him, and I recall specifically, “Fuck yeah, gimme that cum”. She climbed off and grabbed her phone. She lied that her sister was on her way back and he needed to leave right away. He did…just put his shorts on and was gone. I emerged from the closet, just stunned. We hadn’t talked about anything like that happening, she essentially just made me watch her cheat on me!
When I finally spoke, I asked, “What the fuck was that?!!?”
She actually sounded like she was surprised that I was upset! She said she thought that I wanted that to happen, that I thought it was hot! If I was against it, I “should have done something”!! I couldn’t believe it…not only did she fuck someone, she let him cum in her! And she wasn’t on birth control! Even I always pulled out!
I told her to lie down, I spread her legs apart, and my stomach just sank…seeing cum running out of her. Someone else’s cum was actually dripping out of my girlfriend’s pussy!! And I just watched…I let it happen…
I told her what a whore she was, what a stupid slut…
Suddenly I realized that I was rock hard…
I kept degrading her as I slid into her.
I can honestly say I’ve never fucked someone more aggressively than I did right then. I eventually finished inside her myself and we fell asleep. When I woke up, I was still in disbelief that she’d done what she did. We fought pretty badly that day about communication and boundaries and respect. That night was our last night there…we were down by the outdoor bar and saw him walking back from the beach…
I kissed her long and hard, slapped her ass, and told her I’d be waiting in the closet. Fuck…that’s how I realized that I guess I’m a cuck.
Wow ok I am not judgemental and people live the way they want but she defo trampled all over you big time 😂… next she will ask you to clean up
I agree that it’s more of voteurism but at least story doesn’t suck unlike many others 😀
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hot story, yeah u shoulda introduced yourself, but hey, if you all are into it, and u found a new way to enjoy yourself, rock on.

This is alot more tame than the cuckold relationships I have been in. I would say more vourism or standard threesome.

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