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To cuckold or not to cuckold


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What do people think about a cuckold relationship or even just a one off? I know it’s a individual choice but does anyone have any experience that can share any pearls of wisdom?
Having a cuckquean is my dream dynamic. Alas she escapes me *sad face
I can't speak for experience from a cuck perspective as it's not personally for me, having been involved in the lifestyle from a Dom perspective - are you the one wanting to be cucked or is your partner? In either case you will need to have a very very strong bond with your partner, free of any trust issues. Consent is equally as important for all parties involved and often despite how porn culture portrays this as the "weak" cuck, the person being cucked is ultimately calling the shots, it's their fantasy after all - reclaiming is equally as important.

Questions to ask yourself
Are you confident that it's the cuck lifestyle you or your partner are after as the genre is often and falsely labeled in porn culture with things similar such as voyeuristic, swinging, and three ways.
Conversely you need to hone in on what parts do you like; for example is it just the watching your partner having sex that excites you, or do you want the full on cuck experience from the pre-meet preparing the queen/Dom through to cleanup and aftercare.

Either; or it's a very broad subject that likely requires you to elaborate on what aspect of cuck lifestyle you seek.

From a Dom perspective and I cover this because I don't want assume your the one wanting to be cucked, the female can equally be the one that your cucking; it's been an enjoyable experience joining some cuck couples as an outsider coming in to THEIR relationship. Porn portrays the Dom in a certain way; but in real life it involves actually getting to know both parties in the cuck couple. What they both want out of the experience, what are their limits for example; personally I'm not comfortable with verbally humiliating the cuck. As an outsider your entering in to the deepest parts of two people's lives and fantasies. It takes alot more than just "giving it a try" best of luck with what your looking for out of the experience either way
This may be a disliked take, but imma just be honest. I couldn't do it in any way if another man was involved. Not bashing or criticizing anyone else in any way. I myself don't necessarily understand what it is or why. Maybe i am just territorial or something, but that's just how i feel about it. However I would be open to pretty much all other possibilities since I haven't experienced.

@sheffield182 - I believe that, in order to answer your question appropriately, it would be better to have a little more information on your perspective.

Are you asking or thinking from the perspective of the person wishing to be cuckold within your relationship, or are you asking as someone seeking to cuckold another man within his relationship ?

As a generalisation, I think you’ll find that many men who are predominantly Dominant would be willing to cuckold another Man within his relationship - ie: play with THEIR partner, but would not allow another Man to cuckold themselves.

Also, for some psychologically, it takes a lot to invite and allow another man to use a partner - with them then taking a subservient - or voyeuristic role, especially with the verbal communication which often accompanies a cuckolding environment.

To clarify my last,
I often encourage other men to play with and use my partners - because I enjoy voyeuristic experiences myself - and I enjoy very much watching them being pleasured in different ways by people (M and F) other than myself.
However, at NO time do I allow those men (in particular) to become assertive in any way over me. It just doesn’t suit my psyche.
I hope this helps.

I personally would love to see my man with another women
I'm very interested in getting cuckold
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I've been married 28 years & been a cuckold the last 11
I'm extremely happy
She's happy
Our relationship is so much smoother
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