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[REQUEST] - Mobile App


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My submissive has just made a very valid observation, she has said that if this community has available on a mobile app, then she could get notifications.

I am sure that this website has been optimised to display correctly on mobile devices, but one thing websites in browsers on mobile phones can't do is send push notifications. While not hugely inconvenient, it does mean that you need to log back in online to see if you've had any activity, but an app would be able to actively notify the user.


Could the dev team make a comment on any plans for mobile apps even if it is just the messaging or chat.



Hi @TallGuy572

I'm happy to let you know that our developers are currently working on an app for Fetish.com. Since it is such a big project I can't tell you exactly when it will be available, but what I can tell you is that it's in progress. 

How exciting, right? :) 

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the app is released and available on both apple and android. 


The other options is to set up email address linked to this site then get email notifications  

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