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Cursed by her feet


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At first, the curse wasn't so bad.

My girlfriend conditioned me that I could only orgasm with the smell or taste of her feet.

During sex this simply meant we could go as needed, and when it was time for me to unload - grab her feet and kiss, suck or sniff.

And the higher the aroma, the greater the feeling.

If she was out, just checking the dirty laundry for a pair of worn socks or tights would do it.  And, of course, over time if there wasn't any in the laundry then it usually meant there were some clothes in the room she hadn't taken for the wash so it was a way for me to go and get them, ha.

But the problem.
We split up.

Orgasming through masturbation without this aroma just wasn't possible - and sex with other people was... disappointing.
That even if the person I was with wasn't freaked out by me grabbing their feet - no matter how nice the feet were or good/bad the smell - the best it got from me was a trickled release.

I knew what I had to do.  I had to ask my ex to release the curse.

She laughed. Knowing this day would come. Because she knew she could get me to do anything she wanted.

One night she bootie called me, I got there - and, well... yeah, she wanted me to suck her toes and was happy for me to masturbate will doing this.  But this was basically because her new fuck buddy wasn't into feet and she liked having her toes sucked during sex.  So, I sucked her toes while they screwed - trying not to let her moans of climax disturb my strokes.

We met in the park for a coffee and, right there, I was on my knees kissing her feet, scared we'd be caught, while she let me jizz in my pants for an embarassing walk home.

Just one of many ways she would humiliate me.  Mind, not as bad as when we did fuck and she'd raise her feet and had put so much soap and deodrandt and god knows what there was no scent or taste and she still got the nice sensation of me at her feet, and I just got a muted orgasm.

One night as she raised her feet I could already smell how great they'd be - and then she emptied a condom onto them - I still don't know whose cum I had to lick and suck to get my orgasm, or how fresh it was.

I'd matched with someone on a dating app.
I begged her to release the curse, it was going so well.  But she had a twisted offer.  If I followed all her instructions every day leading up to my date, she would let me have a pair of her socks.  Not just any pair, but, a pair she would wear each day she was giving me tasks.

From cleaning her flat, to sending her another compromising picture after another, from me dressed up in ridiculous clothes, to licking public toilets - to being pegged by her, still in the socks : I did actually cum quite a bit in that pegging from the smell of the socks.

As promised, I met her on my way to the date, and she handed me the stinking socks.

The date went well - perhaps with the confidence I might finally orgasm with someone else, my only worry was how to get someone else's socks out during sex.  

At the worst, if I didn't end up with my date, at least I'd have a good wank.

But the date was going well, nice restaurant, pricey, but worth it as part of the impression.

Anyway... yes, we ended up back at mine.  The sex was going well and I was about ready to come - but I couldn't obviously be seen getting my exes socks out... I persuaded my date to put on a blindfold.  

Socks out...
"What's the smell?" asked my date.
"I don't smell anything"
"It's horrid - it's putting me off, can you open a window?!"

I did and also lit some candles near her side of the bed.

I tried again, socks in hand, fucking - just about to go annnnnd

"What the hell are you doing?"

She had removed the blindfold and caught be embarassingly socks in face - I jumped back and, well, it was too late - the condom filled with a trickle as I was passed the point of no return.

Obviously there were no words.

And, well, nothing I could say as she seemingly angrily called me a perv and stormed downstairs.  I started to pull some clothes on, I pulled out my phone and had a text from my ex.
"Hope the date is going well" and a grin.

I got downstairs, and my date was about to call for a cab.

I tried to explain, to say something, and... she just laughed.

"I'm sorry, I can't keep this up.  Thanks for the meal, and, well, you do lick a good toilet... do be careful which other ladies from our group chat you match with" 

It was obvious this was all an elaborate set up.

I messaged my ex after to ask what exactly more she wanted from me.  

She replied, "This is your life now - we're only just getting started.  Still. Enjoy my socks... look after them or you'll be crawling back for more if the scent goes...."

Side note
This is, ahem, a work of fiction. 

Damn I was gonna ask what dating app lol
I'm not at ALL one for feet, to each their own, but my goodness I was enthralled by this story from first word to last. Well done! 👏👏👏Will the story continue?
4 hours ago, RayneBloBrite said:

I'm not at ALL one for feet, to each their own, but my goodness I was enthralled by this story from first word to last. Well done! 👏👏👏Will the story continue?

I think in this case - this whole kinda idea is one that has been in my head for a while - inspired a little bit that.... I can orgasm without feet, but playing with my wife's feet, or having their socks in my face during sex heightens the orgasm - I've also had heightened orgasms from footjobs : but for me this can work with other people also.

But I kinda had some ideas around this - my first idea was like a gradual increasing curse that the main charecter could only cum, at first, if he was thinking about her feet - easy, but thinking of someone else during sex.  Then the next stage is being able to see her feet - and he was going to get around that with some artwork or a photo on his phone - then it was going to be smell, which was going to have him trying to sneak out someone else's socks during sex.

I think I like that it's left at a point where people can think "Is he just her bitch now, doing anything for the hope of her feet or give up and live a chaste life" - a kinda "Would she actually break the curse? Orrr... is there even a curse?" and also an unanswered question of "why did they break up in the first place, especially if he relied on her feet - and - well - they do have sex after break up?" 

And I think not answering those questions lets the mind run a bit more freely. 

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