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How to start practicing if you are not in a relationship?


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Or... how to get to know someone who practice bdsm?



at the risk of stating the obvious

the thread is for discussion/help/suggestions not "Pick me" / "message me" / etc


for hands-on practicing the best way is to seek out local workshops.  

Making friends in local fetish communities can also be a good way to be shown and learn new tricks


That is almost a paradoxical question.

Some people who have never practiced BDSM will occasionally throw out a reference to handcuffs, or spanking, or other kink activity.  Sometimes it's just a joke.  Sometimes they want to appear more sexually experienced.  Sometimes it's latent curiosity.  The last one is hard because then it's a question of whether they will ever follow through on it or always be too scared to.

On the other hand, a lot of people who do practice BDSM aren't going to openly discuss it outside of a kink venue.  It's not that they are ashamed, but that it's part of their private life.

So outside of an "established" kink community, the people who seem more open to it are most likely the least open to it.  At least in my experience.

Of course, within a kink community you still may not find someone to practice with.  Take fetish.com for example.  There are a lot of people already in relationships who just want to talk.  There are a lot of scammers.  Thee are people looking to learn, but not ready to practice.  There are some voyeurs who just want to read and not participate.  While all of that is part of the internet nature of things here, some of it will transfer over to real life clubs and events.

Not really sure what the question is? Lol but I agree, the local level is where one should focus their attention. Get to know people in your own area first👍that's the general rule of thumb like 90% of the time.
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