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Knock at the door

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I make my booking with an escort that enjoys being dominated and is submissive, you’ve been passed my details along with the hotel, room number and the time you was to arrive.
I hadn’t specified any details as to who would turn up, just that they were to dress sexily and be wearing a matching underwear set, stockings and suspenders.
I arrive at the hotel early and prepare the room and set up the toys I intend to use during the evening, I shower and change into all black including my black leather belt which held a very kinky trick for later.
I lay out a fresh towel on the floor and position a chair about 4 feet away from it then I pour myself a drink and check my watch…….

Knock knock on the room door, I walk to the door and pause a moment to heighten the moment, take a sneaky peek through the spy hole……I see you looking up and down the corridor nervously and then back at the door.

I open the door to you and smile.
“I’m your escort for the evening” you say softly spoken.
I stand there and take you in, bright red hair, luscious lips covered with Crimson lipstick, a sexy figure hugging tight short black dress with plunging neckline that invites my glaze and sheer silk stockinged legs with high heels.

You take a step towards the door and I halt you and motion you to stay.
“Turn around please so I can inspect you fully”
You slowly begin to do so until you are facing away from the door and I inspect you from behind, you feeling my gaze upon you, I hear your breathing become a little faster.
“Now slowly bend over please” I instruct you.
You take a moment as if unwilling but slowly you begin to bend over, crossing your legs firstly before running your hands down the front of your thighs, I watch as the hem of your dress begins to rise…firstly over the tops of your silky stocking, then revealing the lacy suspenders you are wearing the elastic beginning to stretch as you bend more, then your skirt beginning to cling to your firm cheeks, holding on against them until it finally loses it grip on them and rises up over your cheeks to reveal the sheer almost see through white panties you are wearing.
I stand their enjoying what has been presented in front of me and the view I am currently greeted with.
I take out an envelope from my pocket and slowly begin to place it inside the top of your panties, once finished my hand continues slowly down over the middle of your displayed backside and gently between your legs as I am then greeted with a warmth and wetness through your panties for meeting me.

As you slowly sway your behind at me and begin to grind against my hand…my other lands firmly and sharply against your wriggling cheek and I hold it firmly against it to control your wiggling, and I dig my fingers in to gain a grip.

You look back at me, biting your lip as a moan escapes between your red lipsticked lips.

I recognises that look and my hand moves from your cheek and travels slowly up your spine, tracing my nails as it does until
I reach your neck and you feel my fingers wrap around the back of your neck and I begin to motion your body back and forth as if my cock was already buried deep inside your hot wet pussy but you are having to make do with my hand right now pressed against it.

You push back against me, meeting each grind as you begin to get wetter and wetter.

As I feel you getting hotter and making your sexy panties all wet, I say ‘I think you should come inside and start earning your ***’ and move my grip into your hair and pull you up straight and towards the room.

I pull you towards me and you feel me press against you as my hand moves around the front of your neck and you feel my grip around your throat, gently but firmly as i move my head towards your ear and place a kiss behind it and whisper in your ear ‘let’s find out what my *** gets me’

Your eyes open wide, with a glint in your eye, you say “You paid for me, I'm all yours tonight”

As the door self closes with you still facing out of the room you notice over the door restraints hanging from the inside of the door and a blindfold hanging on the door knob.

I turn you to face me so I can take you in, you motion to begin taking your dress off, I grab your hand swiftly and tell you ‘I paid for this so I’m going to get my ***’s worth’
I move in to kiss you fully and deeply and let my hands explore for a few seconds, before stepping back and telling you I want to watch you strip for me.
I had laid a towel on the floor before and I tell you to stand on that while I sit on a chair placed a few feet away from the towel and you notice I turn my phone on and you hear the click of a recording being made and the I tell you ‘Now slowing strip to your lingerie and let’s see if you make me hard’
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