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Servitude (A human gift)


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A poem driven by a short conversation with an adorable friend


Naked and bound you kneel for me
Your body given by humble decree
A beautiful fuck toy just for my pleasure
Your body a gift to delight and to treasure

Wrapped in my hand your long head of hair
Servitude to me, once more you declare
Your body my gift to feast at my leisure
The depths of your joy my only measure

My hand and my tongue feast on you flesh
Satisfaction a given i watch you now thresh 
Goosebumps, moisture all over you now
Your joyous elation, as I vigorously plough

On the edge of control you beg for release 
My humble touch your only caprice
I am you god, your elation I hold
In control of your body you long to implode

Realise once granted a joyous earthquake 
Your total elation so far from opaque
Convulsions erupting and vocal elation
A loss of control at total cessation

Euphoria beams as you find El Dorado
Erasing the falseness of your early bravado
A quivering wreck in my humble hands
Totally meek to my coming demands 

For your are my toy, to serve my delight
Secured by rope accepting you plight 
Master enthralled by your gorgeous beauty 
Captured and owned his delightful booty


Your best poem yet. She is lucky to serve you. 

On 4/11/2022 at 6:52 AM, Sunshine429 said:

I love this! Well written!

Thank you Sunshine429, it’s truly kind to take time to comment my sweet. I am eternally grateful xx 

On 4/10/2022 at 9:06 PM, MsWheel said:

Lucky woman! This is so good. Well done!

No honey quite the opposite I’m so a lucky man. As always s big thank you for your comments. Glad you like x

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A wonderful poem. 

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