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RIGHT FOR RIGHT NOW: a slightly longer poem.


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I looked in to you, you looked into me. Tidal waves washing over us, a thunder clap from the sea.

I wasn’t suppose to love you, I wasn’t suppose to care but your tight embrace my dear left me nothing to compare.

I needed your touch, I needed your kiss your arms wrapped around me your sweet words I will miss.

What I did not know what I did not understand is I was right for right now just a cover for the band.

I was right for right now, there was nothing I could do. I was right for right now to fall in love with you.

You wrapped my heart around your words for everyone to see but undenounced to my heart your  intentions were blind to me.

Take my heart take my soul I would give it freely under your control. To hear your words to feel your touch to rewind the clock I abhor so much..

I was right for right now, oh how was I to know . You made me laugh you made me smile you made my feelings grow.

We flew to high, we drove to fast you said your passion will always last but as I looked towards the ground your safety net could not be found.

As I looked to the world below I did not feel your love let go. I did not feel you turn away left suspended, cast off just like a stray.

I was right for right now, little did I know you were just an actor putting on a show.

As I hit the ground I shattered and I bent. I looked at you through broken eyes as you turned and went.

You were my sun, my guiding star that brought my ship to shore. Now you’re the hurt I feel inside a pain I must endure.

I was right for right now, you put on quite the show. Through the lies and deceit a bitter wind that fills my sails does blow.

So get on stage and face the crowd knowing I was right for right now. Grab you cloak and hat my dear and take a mighty bow.

I don’t know if this is based on real life but I’m so sorry if it is. I’ve been through something with similar elements and it’s horrid and hard xxx
If this is based on a real life event I am sorry that someone so manipulative and deceitful was able to entice you into a situation. Karma will have it’s way with this cowardly man.

This was based on a true event, I may have embellished a bit. In true heartbreak form this poem was born on a bar napkin over a glass of whisky.


That was sad but beautiful 🧚🏻‍♀️

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