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Poems, pondering, and pen drippings


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Beast Restrained

The call rings in my ears, like the guttural sound emerging from the throat of the Jaguar. It is the sound of hunger.

My mind whirls in a recollection of an ancient existence that could not have been mine.

The scent on the air causes me to tense and prepare to pounce. But I know that if I leap in an attempt to satiate this desire; the chain of decorum will hold me fast to this spot.

I must wait. I must remain restrained. I must keep this darkness grounded. The target of my hunger must come to me.
Wizard's Control

(From the other side of me)

I need no whip.
But you will feel ***.
Shackles are unnecessary.
But you will be restrained.
My eyes will compell you.
You will see the fire within.
You will be consumed by light.
And returned to darkness again.
I will take nothing.
But willingly, you will offer.
I will speak only in whispers.
And my touch be even softer.
I will not bruise your flesh.
But the ache will not abate.
You will feel me inside you.
Though, physically, I never penetrate.
I will take you into my mind.
And there, you will know my power.
It will feel like eternity.
Even though, just an hour.

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