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He: “My world is a constant battle.”

She: “Then I go to war.”

He: “Everything I do will hurt you.”

She: “Then I endure.”

He: “Everything I say will make you cry.”

She: “Then let me hang my head.”

He: “My inner *** will cut you.”

She: “Then let my *** run red.”

He: “My weakness, it will crush you.”

She: “Then I become stronger.”

He: “My absence will make you doubt.”

She: “Then I just wait longer.”

He: “Your world, I will crumble into ruin.”

She: “Then I shall build anew.”

He: “My path leads to the burning oblivion.”

She: “Then I will walk your path with you.”

He: “My feelings for you will fade and I will let you go.”

She: “Then I will have faith you play no games.”

He: “My love will burn you to your soul.”

She: “Then I shall walk gladly into the flames.”

Me: Love can be cruel, love can be blind.

Love can leave souls burnt, broken, empty inside.

Why do we love those we should not?

How do we stay true anchored to our spot?

When others around us shake their heads and say nay.

Yet our hearts can’t seem to listen and turn away.

My *** was the Seer, her vision true and clear.

She could see into the heart what you loved, what you ***.

The world showed her to much her sight was to raw.

Her mind it let go from the pictures that she saw.

I am the Listener your feelings whisper in my ear.

It is the truth within the lies that your emotions let me hear.

You can fool yourself but you can not deceive me.

For I am the Listener, and your heart is the key.

Your hidden emotions wrap around me, there’s nothing you can hide.

Your hate, your love, your ***, everything you feel inside.

One day by chance I passed the two above.

His anger and disgrace made him feel not worthy of her love.

His love was true, It ***ed me as I heard his heart.

For it was her love she had for him that was ripping him apart.

They stood in silence as I listened to their souls starting to break.

As I walked by they flashed me smiles, only I knew that they were fake.

I stood there silently as he walked away.

I saw her sink to the ground, but it was not my place to stay.

Love can be cruel, love can be blind, love can leave souls burnt, broken, empty inside.

Their will be a time when I can listen no more to the *** and suffering that people endure.

Masking their *** so no one can see, but I am the Listener you can hide nothing from me.





That was so interesting, I loved it 🧚🏻‍♀️

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