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Hiya i need advice for where to start my journey into the bdsm world.

I have always liked the thought of being dominated by a woman sexually but i have never had the chance to fulfill this fantasy.

I dont even know if i would be classed as a sub or a slave or whatever. But most importantly i dont know how to find a mistress or whatever they may be that would train me.

Any help/advice or even offers wpuld be much appreciated.


I’m a femmdom in training. When I say in training I mean self educating via internet research and forum discussion. This world is very tantilizing. I’m not sure exactly what my fetishes likes n dislikes are just yet but just starting and exploring is most important 


Right.   The concept of slave training etc. is largely fantasy.


This is what happens, if you happen to find a Lady willing to help you out (which are rare for reasons coming on soon) then everyone has their own ideals for subs and so when it becomes apparent you aren't really enjoying it you leave, or leave her for someone else - and she's wasted time and emotional energy,

there are a lot of ladies online who offer training for a fee - and at least in these cases she is compensated if you decide it's not really for you.   But, this also tailors or being cautious because there are ladies who don't really have a clue whose idea of slave training is "just give me some more money, then a bit more, then some more" without actually moulding you with D/s protocol.

Instead of looking for someone to train you - it's much better learning a little bit more about yourself first.  What is it you desire?  If really it boils down to "women on top" then you might be best actually on vanilla dating I'm sorry to say.  What exactly do you want?  And this isn't me being an arse.  But you've got to have some idea above "being Dominated sounds cool" - if you're unsure, then google away... browse through clips online - buy a couple that sound hot (don't stream free stuff cos that's bad m'kay) and see what appeals to you.  

Now at this stage, I'd be very wary of any women who do offer to train you, because it won't go as you desire.  If you definitely feel kinky, look up local munches to you - it'll be a good way to talk and connect with people.

Good luck.

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