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Am I a Beta Woman?

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I can’t stop cumming to the thought of beautiful women cumming on my bf’s cock. I don’t feel inferior to these women, but I want them to think I do. I want them to be so confident they demand him when I’m not there, I want to walk in on them riding him.

And he and I will wink. Because it’s what we both want.

He deserves every pussy he wants. I deserve to see him in them.

So, beta? Idk. That stuff gets me off, but it feels more complicated than that.

What do you think?
Why complicate it by trying to label it is my thought - if it's something you both enjoy then just enjoy it for what it is - plain and simple.

I kinda hate the whole alpha/beta thing - but - honestly, the whole thing (idea or reality) being a turn on for you is great.   

I think you should worry less about the terminology and focus on what pleases you the most
I think you are trying too hard to fit a specific box. If you want to see him enjoying another woman. Then enjoy it. If you want to see it happen and he as well as her are okay with you watching enjoy. It sounds more like you are Poly with a voyeur side. But do not worry about labels too much.
Sounds like he’s got a great girlfriend 👍
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Nah I think it's pretty alpha to feel secure enough in yourself and your relationship and to love your partner so much that the thought of them taking pleasure in another woman excites you and you get off on seeing other women take pleasure in him because at the end of the day you are sound in knowing that dick she loves so much is YOURS and you're happy to share it because no pussy no matter how tight or wet it is will change that. Unlike these other insecure females, he doesn't need to stray to experience someone new and explore his primal, male instincts to indulge in dirty, spontaneous sex with random slots because let's face it, what red-***ed man would ever give up a deal like that? I'm a cuckqueen too. ♡ 

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Ya know the funniest thing about this whole 'alpha' nonsense is that even the guy who originally came up with the concept retracted it after some time because apparently an 'alpha' wolf only emerges when wolves from different packs are all thrown together in captivity.


Call me kooky, but I can't think of anything more 'beta' than letting yourself get captured, lol.


But anywho, I'm gonna have to go with the consensus here and say  why bother worrying about what kind of box you fit in? Labels are only useful up to a point. Just like what you like, and if that includes thinking of yourself as a 'beta' female then cool, do that too. You want these women to think you're inferior to them, then let them. Don't complicate things that aren't complicated. :)

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Giving a name does not complicate anything. It rather simplify it and there is nothing wrong with it. 


To the question of being beta, it seems that way. You enjoy others presence to keep him full and satisfied.

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