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How can one person make you feel so small? Minute, microscopic barely existing at all.

You were doing so good, you were doing so well. Now your worlds upside down, back in your own private hell.

Did you miss it ? Can you stay? Do you have the strength this time to get away?

You had one foot out the door the other close behind. Now you have tripped, stumbled, tumbled back behind the door yourself you find.

Your heart beats ramped, knots in your stomach starts to grow. Your face gets hot and tears start to flow.

You stare at his words which sends your pulse racing, your mind waking up remembering the answers you were chasing.

He said he was hurt, he said he was blind. His love walked away and left the connection behind.

What do you do? What do you say when he does not realize he treated you the same way?

He does not, can not, will not understand the impact he had when he let go of your hand.

Does he not know? Does he not care? Can he not fathom or is he just that unaware.

What can you do? How can you feel when your mind stops spinning and you except this is real?

He  has no idea, he will never know his brain can’t comprehend, so now all you can do is hide your tears and call him a friend.


Really you would call him a friend you are more generous than I, love the poem ❤️


Little mouse, stand up find your voice and roar. 

  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, I would forgive but I would never forget the lessons I have learned. 


Lol I'm afraid the world is not quite ready for me to roar yet😉

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