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I walked along the golden shore,

the one we walked hand in hand on years before.

Dreaming dreams of stories untold,

of the children we would have and the future we could mold.

I would watch her dancing in the sun,

her laugh her smile made my heart come undone.

I remember everything every detail so clear,

how my heart use to race every time she were near.

The soft touch of her skin, the taste of her lips,

the freckles on her shoulders and the curves of her hips.

Her long auburn hair shining in the light,

the feel of her body as I held her tight.

I had to leave, a year at the most,

we spent our last night together here on the coast.

We held each other tight as our footprints washed away,

as the dawn crept over the horizon I recall her eyes begging me to stay.

For only one year, how long could that be,

then she will be in my arms and have my love for entity.

I left her there on this golden shore,

I would never have left if I knew what fate had in store...

To make my fortune I sailed across the sea,

though my heart did ache but what an adventure this would be.

To see foreign lands, to encounter different tribes,

to find the lost treasure that the Amazon hides.

One year at the most that’s all I would need,

then I would be race back to my love with the might of God’s speed.

One year turned into two, two into four,

I had become obsessed not knowing when to close the door.

At first we wrote almost every day,

I would use different color parchment a game we liked to play.

The letters  became few and far between as the years started to grow,

In my obsessed state I did not realize the *** I started to sow.

The letters they stopped with in the third year,

too wrapped up in myself did not even shed a tear.

She must have found someone else to watch her dance in the light,

At least that’s what I told myself as I lay there at night.

Yet no one told me, I did not know,

the winds of misfortune her way did blow.

There was a child, a boy with auburn hair,

looking down at the photo into my own eyes I did stare.

My thumb traced his face as tears started to fall,

How could she have stayed silent, given no hint said nothing at all?

In the second year the a illness swept through,

it claimed the young the old there was nothing anyone could do.

The sickness claimed him in its tight embrace,

the ***  of her loss nothing could ease or erase.

My love fled down to the sands as her heart broke and tore,

all that was found were different colored parchment scattered on the shore.

My letters of promise of love and light,

That was all that was left when they came looking that night.

I watched the waves wash my footprints away,

this is what I must do, the price I must pay.

My fortune I did not find for you were my only treasure,

Letting my body slip beneath the waves it is time to take my true measure.

I will search through space and time for it is to you I must answer,

I will find you and forever hold you in my arms again my beautiful sunlit dancer.





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