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Munches in the UK

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Hi all, been looking around a lot and given my geographic location in the UK come to the conclusion I need to go to some munches based around London Manchester et al.

Hoping someone will be kind enough to give some advice on which ones to attend for persons new to this and general advice and other possible places worth checking out. 

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For advice, if you're new to BDSM, it's best to put this in the Newbies forum!
Hi! Fetlife is a good place to find munchies and events. Avie
Agree with Avie, fetlife is the best place. But it’s a big place beware you might get lost there 😊

Yeah I joined fetlife yesterday thank you.


I know we spoke a little of this privately - but...

A lot depends on what you want out of a munch.  The purpose generally is a gateway to the scene, that you can meet other people active, find out what they're into, where they go, make friends, so forth.

A busy munch isn't necessarily good, a quite munch isn't necessarily bad.

One I recommended privately is the one club DVS run, because they've a little network set up geared for newbies with a munch, a club and a workshop - so basically you make friends at the munch so you know people at the club or workshop.
But, there will be others that are "good" depending on what you want out of them.

Generally, munches are not a hook-up event nor should they be treat like one.  Of course, they're a good way to make friends and see where these lead, but the easiest way to end in disappointment is to turn up expecting to pull.  

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