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My first step mother daughter rubber and scuba play


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I was 18 dating the captain of the cheer squad who was 18 and also all state in gymnastics so she was athletic and out going and loved fucking !!                                     She also showed me another use for leotards and unitards which I loved wearing for her and with her !! We had been dating for a few months and spent a lot of time at her house after school watching movies and playing one day we were both in black spandex catsuits and on her bed making out and rubbing each other and her stepmom opens her door and said well look at you 2 !! Don't quit on my account !! We didn't know what to do before we could do anything her mom was setting on the bed with her hand on my ass !! Then she says you 2 want to try something new that I think you will like we thought about it and both said yes !! I said I don't want to get myself in trouble my girl friend said truthfully mom and I set you up for this !! I sat up and her mom kissed me and said your right honey he is a good kisser !! Then we followed her down the hall to the basement we go into the finished end of the basement we set down while her mom dogs through a large closet ! She pulls out something black and folded up and tosses it to me and says this should fit you she said leave your catsuit on it will help you get that on but make a slit and take that nice dick out there is a sheath or condom attached to that suit !!  After taking entirely to long getting the right rubber wetsuit on and my dick in the sheath my gf and her mother where already in head to toe tight rubber the 3 of us in that tight rubber and hoods and gloves and socks my cock was harder than ever before !!! And filled the sheath out very well too !! I couldn't take my eyes off of them both and they were looking at me the same way !! My gfs stepmom was 36 and super fucking hot long legs big tits and a small waist my gf had long legs also and nice sized tits !! Her smom said the last time I had an 18 year old cock I was 18 also !! She walked over to me and reached out and pushed me back on the couch that was there then she pulls a pair of scuba flippers out and slip them on my feet then puts a knee on each one holding my legs in place as she starts sucking on my sheath which really took a lot of the feeling away which she said makes an erection last a lot longer !! Then she stands up and says honey he is all yours for awhile then she leaves the room and my gf sets on my lap facing me so my cock was rubbing against her pussy.as we make our and wiggle against each other !! I see her mom come back in room carrying 2 more sets of flippers and 3 full face masks with air hoses and regulators attached the hoses go back into the other room !! She walks up to us tells us to do as she says now so we listen as she tells us to put the masks on so the mouth piece inside fits in our mouths good then tighten the straps and breath deep the first couple times we do and then her smom looks at me and says how does that mouth piece taste I used it to make myself cum a couple minutes ago !! Then she pushed my mask against my face before pushing me down on my back on the couch and tells my gf to take my cock balls deep in her pussy about 4 thrusts and she was screaming and cumming !! Then her smom said here I will give him a hard ride honey !! She straddled me and quickly dropped down and slamming her ass on my balls as my cock goes in her all the way and she bounced and bucked and milked me dry before cumming herself !! According to the clock 2 hours had passed !! I was soaked in my own sweat and cum !! 

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