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breathplay gear


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Hi mates,

I'd like to ask for help about a kind of neck collar like  one I've seen in a video clip.

In it a plastic bag type hood is put over the head and then a black collar is is used to seal the bag.

Any idea where to find the item?   It looks amazing and I'd live to get one.

But I'm not sure about the exact name of the item. So I need help~

Perhaps your submissive will need help. Sealed plastic bags are totally no go areas. Have you never looked at all of the earnings on plastic bags????? Even with holes in them, they're dangerous. Please, think again.

chances are it was a bespoke item for the clip between people who are experienced.

also, while I hate to tear down too many curtains, everything on video clips isn't always what it seems - so tread extremely carefully.  If you've sealed this with the collar, there is no way to loosen things or restore air quick enough if things go south.

Of course, maybe you are experienced and maybe that is part of the attraction.   But anyway, for those reasons I wouldn't expect this item to be commonly available - you may need a little DIY.

I will also add my warning with breath play! As you don’t know where to find it, sound like you are novices. Nobody here will give you a answer I think.... I am an experienced strangler player and I am always extremely cautious how I do it during rough sex sessions. This is dangerous and no return situation. You blocked air respiration for too long and the person collapsed because her brain lack oxygen etc this is the list of danger Elevated *** pressure Heart attack Stroke Heart failure Heart arrhythmia Choking *** to the larynx Cerebral anoxia Cerebral hypoxia Brain Edema Brain Infarction Coma Aspiration Allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock Loss of consciousness Hallucinations Panic Attack Seizures *** due to fall (during loss of consciousness) Asthma attack

Thanks everyone.

I'll keep cautious with this kind of play.

It was just that I've never seen that kind of item, which made me make a post.

And thanks again for the kind advice.

I'll keep learning from you guys. :)

I am glad you took our advice on board. You could try plastic rain hoody then glue two together and use a collar tontied up. Always have a pair of surgery scissor on you side.... play hard but safe 😊

I like breath play both sides of the slash, although in terms of giving I've only really done it with my wife and she's only really interested in bare hands - which is fine.

In terms of receiving I've tried a number of methods - including some which surprised me (being gagged with a foot... how can something so beautiful be used against me so badly?!) but yeah, the very first time was with a clear plastic bag.  The lady I was with placed the bag over my head and cut off the air by scrunching it, she released when she saw me struggling to keep my eyes open.  All she had to do was let go at any time.  And yeah, we've all had days where we've come in from work and our belt just won't loosen - that is a risk with the device mentioned above, so, I'm pretty sure it's bespoke, it wouldn't be difficult to make - but as above, if the collar is fastened, you're going to need something to pierce the bag if any problems.

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