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Meditation (warning this story is silly and features horror)

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Here's a story about something that happened to me recently while meditating. Not sure if I'll be able to go back to it after this. At least not in Waking Up.

I turn on my phone and scroll down to the Waking Up meditation app hoping to get in my daily 15 minutes before starting the work day.

Almost as soon as I click the small blue head shaped tile, it opens directly up to the daily meditation. Almost immediately I hear Sam Harris's warm, soft, voice intone

"OK - now close your eyes"

I obey without any hesitation, knowing the routine by now. Darkness envelopes me, and I await the next instruction from Sam, the silence deafening and pregnant.

I search for the sensations of breath moving in and out of my lungs to center my mind which is buzzing with lethargic anxiety.

"Now, I want you to focus on the sensations in your legs. If you are sitting in a chair [I was] feel the weight of your body on the bottom of your thighs. If you are having trouble, press your hands into the skin on your legs while we do this exercise..."

I shudder slightly as Sam's voice ejaculates into the darkness of my mind. But I can also feel the spotlight of my focus drift towards the press of my legs against the chair I rest upon. I feel myself dissociating slightly with the perception of my own body as "other"...

Another silence allows the buzz of my mind to creep back in. Pretty soon, I'm adrift in a line of thought and sensation.

A feeling of coolness around my ears catches my notice. I must have forgotten to put on my headphones, I think.

In shock, I also remember that the speakers on my cellphone haven't worked for months now...and yet I could, and then my train of thought is obliterated as Sam reenters my consciousness

"If you feel yourself starting to drift away in thought, just...come back to the sensation of my hands sliding slowly down your waist [to my astonishment and horror I can feel the sensation of two firm hands just starting to reach the top of my hips] and if you feel any fear - just let it flow through you..."

At this point my own eyes rocket open to see Sam's glacial blue gaze and salt and pepper face occupying my entire field of view.

I then hear my screams filling my ears.

Sam just smiles warmly, and mouth unmoving I hear his voice

"let the fear perminate your extremities... you'll find that resistance prolongs the emotion"

I don't remember anything after that. Woke up in my own bed completely nude covered in a sticky crust.
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