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Cum *** /milking - the low down?


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Hi all. 
Where shall I start. This topic seems to be broad or vague or both. I have many questions but as i understand it, it can be divided into either edging and not cumming. Or made to cum repeatedly (sometimes called milking?)
However Milking seems to encompass a few different interpretations too. Is there a factual source of all things on this topic somewhere? 

I'm curious about a cock leaking cum or precum while soft, is this possible and if so how? is there a way to  stop a guy reaching orgasm apart from stopping stimulation. is preventing or restricting erection safe?
Im also wondering about how it feels to be kept stimulated even though you've just cum ?
id be interested in peoples experience of being edged for a long period too, how long and the sensation and what was used to do it?

Thanks in advance


this is something I'm maybe more experienced in than I'd like to be. Though not relating to every question

So - obviously edging can start to get frustrating - if it gets to a point where you are really close and then either completely denied (usually stopping simulation) or have the orgasm ruined (usually by stopping after the point of no return) which removes the urge to cum, but instead of a pleasant explosion it is an unsatisfying trickle

there's no way to guarantee someone will not reach orgasm - given it is possible to ejaculate without any simulation at all

but yeah; Post Orgasm *** - there are different variations on this (which doesn't necessarily encompass further situation - flogging someone's cock who has just cum can be more intense than before) but if you keep simulating then it actually hurts - and you can keep cumming and it does kinda hurt.   Further ejaculations are never satisfying. 


My understanding is milking is the general term for extracting fluid from men or women.

How that fluid is extracted is open to interpretation, there is plenty of scope to experiment and explore.

This can be ***d using different levels and types of stimulation and trigger different intensity of climax.

People can react to the experience differently with some preferring to keep things comfortable in the simple light hearted realm while others will seek and enjoy the more extreme as they can never get enough.

You can only find out what suits you through your own experimentation and it helps if you have someone you trust who can go at a pace which satisfies both of you.

As for restricting errections I think there are risks depending on how you try to do this but those in the chastity community have gone long periods with minimal effects. I also know if there is too much *** applied at the wrong point you can risk snapping the penis leading to a permanent bend and errection issues.

Not sure there is much concrete medical research in this area as there isn't much widely published. Just lots of hear say stories across forums like this.

Hopefully others can help you build a better picture with there own experience to help guide you with what you think you are comfortable with when taking any calculated risks.
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