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Through The Looking Glass


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“What’s the matter little Alice what’s that sorrowed look upon your face?”

“Did you think the broken ones would fix themselves if you just gave them some space?”

“Look at you poor little dear what did you think was going to pass?”

“Did you think the flock would love you if you just fed them some grass?”

“You were so tall last time we met head held so high and not so dumb.”

“What  piece of cake have you found to eat my dear that made you start sucking on your thumb?”

“You know what’s worse than being broken?, Not knowing you are chipped.”

“Who will sew you back together Alice now that your soul is torn and ripped?”

“You thought you were a clever girl with fancy words to pave your way.”

“Now I see you sitting here like a beaten lonely stray.”

“The white rabbit took your hand and through the looking glass you went.”

“You did this on your own accord no message had been sent.”

“We do not want you we do not need you, what made you think we did?”

“For you left your home you left your friends what made you put up such a bid?”

“Oh I see! You thought the Hatter would love you as he did before.”

“Hahaha stupid little Alice  you knew the Hatter was mad when first you opened up that door.”

“Cheshire do you enjoy your jests as you kick me when I am down?”

“Well my dear as you can see I can not kick my legs are to low to the ground.”

“Drink this vile dear Alice and forget you ever came to this land.”

“Drink this and live your life what else you may forget well that will go hand in hand.”

“Or sit there on your toad stool as your mind gets slowly bent for I care not.”

“Join my garden of the lost while your *** and confusion anchor you to this spot.”

“Cheshire you look at me with that all knowing  toothy grin always believing all you say.”

“Take you vile and your smile for my mind is more broken then the Hatters , in your garden I will stay.”


I love it, I understand it but I can’t help but love your story 💋🧚🏻‍♀️

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