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Imagine kneeling, in front of a mirror, your legs spread enough for me to kneel behind you, my knees between your legs so you cannot close them. Your arms are tied behind your back.

My hand is high on your throat, with just a little ***, to keep your head tilted back. Your back is arched and your breasts are sticking up and out, totally exposed.

In my other hand, I have a pinwheel roller. I'm exploring your body. It only takes a little bit more pressure to go from a funny tingle to ***, especially in the most sensitive areas.

Think about how *** and *** you feel. Every move I make brings a moan or yelp from you. You struggle a little but you know that I have complete control. If you try to say something, to beg for relief, I simply extinguish the words with that hand on your throat.

All you can do is hope that I will stop soon but why would I? You think maybe if you move and moan just right, I'll get aroused and get more concerned about my pleasure than your *** but your *** is my pleasure.

When I do fuck you, believe me, I will hurt you while I do it.
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