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I saw an image on Facebook (which I can't post here because of site rules) but I thought it was appropriate enough to type up here.

Aimed at teenagers - but - I dunno, many within the kink community may learn a thing or two from it ;)

1) You will not be rewarded for bad behaviour.

2) Being told "no" is part of life. Get over it.

3) You are free to make your choice, you are not free of the consequences

4) Life is not fair

5) You are not the boss (particularly important for subs ;) )

6) The world does not revolve around you

7) Respect is earned, it is not just given

8) The world owes you nothing. Work for it.

9) Fits and tantrums will get you nothing.

10) Shut your mouth. Open your ears.


I love this. May type it out in BIG letters and hang it on the wall in my chambers and another in my home!!

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