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Well behaved


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If you were well behaved,
maybe I would reward you sometimes.
As long as I control it
some pleasure is acceptable.

Maybe I would let you pay for it
with pain or service.

But you would have to work hard
because I already own
your pain and service.

Of course I would bring you close to coming
and then back suffering.

Maybe, if I felt generous,
I would tie your hands
so that you could touch yourself.

I would push my cock through your beautiful lips.

When my cock is in your mouth,
you must keep eye contact with me.
No closing your eyes.
No hiding from what you have brought upon yourself.
Your eyes are mine too.

You are only allowed to touch yourself
as long as you are sucking and licking my cock.

You better hurry.
Fucking a face as beautiful as yours,
I don't think it will take me long to come.

Maybe you will finish yourself off
before I fill your throat with semen.

Or maybe you'll get right to the edge
and I will tie your hands again,
not knowing when you might have another chance.
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