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I have noticed a new 'phenomenon' here, where a few self appointed Witch/Call Girl/Fake Finder Generals take it upon themselves to deface peoples Walls and pictures with comments like...."Fake profile, Will be taken down shortly"....or "Obviously an escort, get a job you whore"...the latter when anyone dared to post a picture of a hotel room. 

There are ways to report profiles if you decide against them. It's normally those who message you first and after literally 3 words, want to converse elsewhere, ususally via gmail with the most implausible mail address ever. My ears are ringing from the noise of the Foghorn blasting Fake!!!

Nothing on these 'innocent' profiles gave me any cause for concern. Nor when I started to chat did the ladies in question turn out to be anything other than very charming...and extremely upset.

However, these comments stay on the profiles and pictures and often the 'insulted' person is not even aware that it's taken place.
Is there a way one can scrub unwanted comments from Walls/Pics? I think one lady managed to clean her wall up, another had no joy and the comments remain visible. 




You're right - this is unacceptable behaviour.

This isn't something we forum mods have control or access to - but these are the steps

1) If someone is leaving comments like this - then report the comments.  It doesn't have to be on your profile.  If you or another user is being particularly targeted/harassed they/you can also block the user

2) if you do see someone who is fake and you can prove it - then report the profile.    This is that you know for a fact they are using stolen photos.

3) If someone tries to bring money up in a conversation then report the conversation and then hit 'no thanks' - don't try to keep them on the line to waste their time or anything : this wastes your time more than theirs 

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