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When she bends you over for the first time... grabs you around your neck and whispers in your ear.... shut up and take it like a man...or should I say bitch

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Well the heading sums it up since the first time that my second wife bent me over like that I have been completely addicted anal let's get one thing straight right now there's plenty of men out there that would love to get their asses drilled by their wives or girlfriends but have no desire whatsoever to ever be with a man and maybe that's my kink but there is something that is so amazingly hot and sexy about a beautiful woman who has got a strap-on my wife started wearing that strap-on a lot when we would go to the store or we could go out to a restaurant and she loved it she loved her 10-in cock and there were many times when she literally came from bending me over and f****** me as hard as she could but that being said yeah I'll play with my wife or whatever girlfriend I have and I play full setting that even the government said but it's still going to be not real there's things that I will do with her in that strap on that nobody else will ever see. And I'll never forget that first day that she came home with that and I guess it all started that she did love eating my ass and then she eventually put a finger in there I know it feels okay I'll tell you what a tongue and a finger is a hell of a different than a 10 inch dildo going into the first time but I took it and I loved it and I will never stop doing I've just got to find it right where I want to do it because I will not ever do any gay s*** I will never be a little man for anything I hope that makes sense peace

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