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TPE is one of my absolute favorite types of engagement. It is the exchange of energy that I feed on...the nervous excitement, the anticipation of what will happen next, the thrill of their reaction, and finally letting Myself go to the point of feeling everything with such a heightened sense of awareness. My mind turns off and I become this sensual being; it completely encapsulates Me. It is like a wave crashing over My body, I can feel it growing as the tide pulls back and the shadow looms over Me...waiting for it to crash, I get butterflies and thoughts seem to vanish. I drift in and out of a dream space, Dommespace takes over and all 7 trillion nerve endings are responding at once.

Arousal, sexually charged, and lustful energy exchanges that course through My veins are what I feed on. I love that surge as My heartbeats faster, breathing increases, sending a tingling sensation, a ripple of pleasure throughout My entire body. My pupils dilate, and nothing in the world matters as drop My guard and transform into My true self.
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