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Part 3 Bolognaise and bath time while the beast (mr hyde) sleeps


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After some time, could have been minutes, could have been hours

 I feel you stirring on the bed next to me. 

The sun has dropped low so I guess it’s around 7pm 

How long have we been in this bed I ask myself as you rise and begin to look for clothes 

“No clothes no bra just panties” I say in a jovial but unquestionable tone 

You look over for a split second and I see the independent woman flash in your eyes and then remember it’s  it’s what you crave … to relinquish control. 

“Yes sir, but may I take one of the vests you like to put on if I get cold?” 

The vests are thin oversized yoga vests as I have a weird taste for a bit of side boob and so consequently would be almost no use if it’s cold downstairs but I allow it 

“Yes you may, I’d like you to take the grey one please “ 

“Yes sir” 

“And don’t forget to wear your collar please” 

You frown

 The first sub I’ve ever come across that doesn’t like a collar. 

“I saw that look, and for that now you can come over here and kneel and let me put it on you” 

“Yes sir” you reply and kneel in front of me back to me 

I can tell you’re pushing buttons to see what will happen as this is our first weekend together but Hyde’s Asleep and it will take a lot to wake him right now (plus I’m the button pusher here lol) 

So I decide to make it a mildly challenging evening for you 

“Get the lead” 

You  go and get it and lay it sarcastically in my hands almost too ceremonially 

I take the end and clip it to her collar and then give it a small playful tug 

“This evening unless you are given permission you have to be close enough for me to grab this lead at all times, clear?”

“Yes sir, why’s that sir?”

I grab you and kiss you passionately and whisper 

“Because i want you close to me aannnnddd because I said so” I say slightly louder grinning at her 

You smile and silkily reply

“yes sir”

“Now- we need to feed you baby” 

“It’s ok sir I’m not that hungry “ 

“Yes but I don’t want you flaking out on me at some point if we’re doing something physically challenging “ i say With a tone of insinuation and a filthy grin 

“Ok sir off to the kitchen “ you reply grinning 

We pull 2 portions of my mums homemade bolognese out of the freezer and put them in a pot to heat as we boil some pasta feeling an electricity between us every time we move past each other and purposely getting closer each time 

I pull a  bottle of chilled frascati rose out of the fridge and pour two glasses and we sit on the sofa and enjoy our meal. 

when we are finished and the dishes put in the sink I grab the lead and pull you to me 

“Bath time I think” 

We walk to the bath room and I grab you placing your hands behind your head and push you  against the bathroom wall. I begin running my hands down the sides of your breasts and down to your waist band slipping your panties down as you step out of them obligingly 

“Aren’t you going to take your clothes off sir” 

“ no I’m going to look after you and pamper you tonight because it’s important to show you what you are worth and what you mean to me as my submissive and to make sure that for every delicious sadistic thing I do with you that you know it’s because you allow me to and I care for you”

I break off and chuckle 

“Woah that’s pretty deep for a first weekend” and we  giggle as the tub reaches a sensible level 


I swish my hand in the water and look at you to try it

You swish  your hand and splash some water at me getting my shorts  wet 

You are banging on his cave door but he remains asleep and subsequently get no response and instead I help you into the bath. 

I take my time soaping and washing you all over and wash your hair and massage your scalp

And then help you out of the tub to dry you off. 

As I’m drying your hair you look into my eyes and whisper

“ is it playtime yet sir can we go in the play room please? 

“Wait for me there kneeling in cuffs, collar and blindfolded I’ll be up when I’m ready “

“Yes sir” you reply promptly and bound out of the room and up the stairs. 

I start the shower running and know that I’m going to make you wait a while to allow the tension to build, - plus I smell of bolognaise, not a good look I chuckle to myself. 

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Awesome story Ed. I really enjoyed reading it. 

5 hours ago, BohemianLady said:

Awesome story Ed. I really enjoyed reading it. 

I’m waiting for the muse to descend for part 4

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Do you see your dom side as the dark Hyde then to keep in check? I like your story so far :)

3 hours ago, Vic1077 said:

Do you see your dom side as the dark Hyde then to keep in check? I like your story so far

Yes kind of it’s not so much keep in check
I’d describe it as more when let him out in varying degrees.
I use it as more of reference point for people l.
The full on mr Hyde is the darkest sadistic part but I do things I’d describe as hydey without the full extent.
I probably sound like I have a split personality but it’s just the way I pigeonhole the sadistic part of my kink
It’s hard to explain

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