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Daddy’s girl


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Sitting on His knee I snuggled into his chest while he talked with His friends, His hands never leaving my body keeping me warmed despite little clothing.

Wake up baby girl. I protested too much before a sharp tug on my hair and a growled “now” reminded me of my manners.

“Sorry Daddy”.

“Thank you for your manners, now face away from me and spread your legs”

Confused I complied, forgetting, until I felt the cool air on His cunt l, that I was naked under my short skirt.

I could already feel the dampness beginning to leak from His cunt in anticipation of what He had planned.

He took hold of my thighs and spread my legs wider.

“I know you don’t think you’re Gorgeous my love so I planned a surprise. I’m going to let these gents examine My cunt. If they like what they see they have been given permission to play with it with their mouths and hands or fingers.”


“Hush my love, you’re mine and I love you and you need this.”

The groan from deep within me was all the confirmation you needed to beckon the first “gentleman” towards me.

I leaned back into your chest while your hands ensured I didn’t try to close my legs in embarrassment. Glancing down I saw him looking closely at Your cunt before bringing his nose close and smelling it. I felt myself clench in excitement before moaning loudly as his tongue began circling my clit.

“Good girl, that arsehole is Mine and Mine alone. But you’re going to cum aren’t you baby? Show them what a good girl Daddy’s little cum slut is and then you can have Daddy’s cock.”

I screamed as I came and felt my wetness leak into his face  

“No more Daddy please, no more. I can’t take anymore, I need you to fuck me please.”

“It’s enough when I say it is baby girl. Until then I am going to let them play with My cunt and you’re going to keep cumming like the slut you are for me. You know how to end everything if you need to.”

The cock in front of my face surprised me but had me licking my lips in anticipation waiting for my instructions.

“Suck it baby girl, swallow his cock and get him hard so he can fuck Daddy’s cunt while I fuck My arse.”

I needed no further encouragement to open my mouth and lick the length of his shaft…

Mmmmmm totally feel as though this would be me there!
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On 8/30/2022 at 12:08 PM, LunaMaeve said:

To be continued....

Please feel free to continue you it should you so wish xx

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