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What are you looking for in your daddy?


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Routine, keeping promises, gentle and firm side.
A strong Daddy mentally and physically. Dependable and unshakeable.
A man that is dependable and keeps his word, one that cares about me and will say no when I need to hear it.
A caring gentleman who is kind fair but firm when he needs to be. He has a mature mentality although doesn't have to be older than I. Very caring and has got his act together.
And I say this with all humility, c'est moi.
I totally agree with all the comments about being strong mentally and physically
I’ve never had a daddy before but I am looking for:
- open and honest communication
- safe and respectful to my limits
- wants to hold me all the time and doesn’t mind my need for physical touch and time together
- takes the brunt of the responsibility especially when I’m in my little space
- will be firm with me when I’m acting bratty (but I swear I won’t be naughty!!)
- He'll be my anchor, my greatest confidant and protector.
- He'll provide for me.
- He'll take care of me.
- He'll be patient.
- He'll be gentle and nurturing, yet strict and respectful.
- He'll be extremely attentive and affectionate.
- He'll tell me "no" when something is unhealthy for me and he explains clearly why he took that decision.
- He'll lead by example.
- He'll be empathetic and compassionate and always supports me while I'm going through difficult times.
- He'll be romantic and want love to be a big part of our relationship.
- He'll give me clarity and never put me in a situation where I have to guess where I stand in his life.

Daddy is incredibly patient. He is an excellent communicator and listener.  Which is really important because I need reassurances and explanations, on a daily basis. He's observant, too. Daddy pays attention to everything...my moods, facial expressions, voice, body language, clothing choices, etc. He knows when to ask questions and when I want him to just listen. He's got a sense of humor and a very serious and stern side too...which definitely helps him handle my bratty side. He encourages and challenges me to always try my best. He loves me and I know I can share anything with him, without *** of judgment. Daddy knows how to balance me, himself and "us".

- soft spoken
- stern
- affectionate
- gentle
- teacher
- active listening
- protective
- attention to detail
- uplifting
- supportive
- knows when to put his needs and desires aside.
- disciplinarian

Don't want to come across as too arrogant but reading the ladies comments here of what they want in there man I'm literally all of the above. Smart, wants to look after my woman as all men should, make her feel safe and sexy as most men love seeing her just smiling. I love providing for her as seeing her happy and feeling safe is most men's priority. Doing daft little things to one another makes both feel comfortable together. From always grabbing her for a little kiss and taps on the bum in public. I'm a leader as I build hospitals as a site manager, and good with my hands as I'm a carpenter by trade. As I think all men should be able to do at least one blue collar trade or just able to fix things. Always listen to one another but I will make big decisions and explain and that's just basic communication. Most men don't need much. Myself just a compliment now and then, good kinky sex life, and touch. And she can have the world from me.  

I just want someone to love me and let me feel safe. I'll do my part I love pleasing my man
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Some one who will share me. They w
I'll help me decide on what to wear
The right daddy will help me I build ny gi body and would ve his so he woumc have mh body Madd gbe way he wants it
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