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Music to dance to.


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Music to dance to.


I don’t know if this topic has been covered before? Music that expresses our little “hobbies”.

The other day I was listening to some of my favourite rock tracks when one track got me thinking, how many pieces of music depict the s&m / fetish life style? And do any of you good people use music with your fun and games?

So here are my opening ones: -


1 ZZ Top’s “Got me under pressure” from the album Eliminator, a description of the perfect Dominatrix. If you haven’t got the track get the lyrics of the net and see what I mean.


2. From my teenage years and still one of my favourite bands, the Sweet with there track “Set me free” from the album “Sweet Fanny Adams”


3 Everybody and her puppy knows this one, Depeche Mode “Master and servant”


I’ve shown you mine now put your brain to the rack and show me yours.

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