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Has anyone corrected their curved penis?


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This is my first post, go gentle!


In going to see a doctor tomorrow about potential straightening, and of course I leave this question till the last minute!

My penis has quite a severe kink to the left, and I've never managed to deal with it emotionally.  I've been ashamed of it for 2 decades.  The girl I used to walk home from school and I got close when we were 16, and I fled from the situation when I felt sex was impending.  She doesn't know to this day that is wasnt her fault.


I've had many casual encounters, and some have been with women close to social groups or work.  Twice the message has gotten back to people I know and there have been jokes made at my expense.  These jokes absolutely destroyed me.  And they haunt me now.


Some partners have been fine with it.  Some acknowledged, some just didn't care.  I'm very hungry sexually and expect the same from partners, and even when the partner is fine with it, I am not.  I don't enjoy using it.  I feel that oral is just service to me, whereas I want my partner to want to give it.


The doc has said I could lose overall length, and potentially libido.  My libido is strong but this problem suppresses it, so I don't feel these 2 negatives are strong enough to dissuade me from surgery.  I am concerned about ending up with a frankenstein penis though, I'm not sure how id cope if it went wrong.


Does anyone have any experience of this process?

Evening, just to say my understanding of this is a tightening of the skin on one side and once released then it's free to be central..... I'm sure the procedure will be simple and you'll be able to enjoy yourself soon 🔥
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Bent penis, the warnings are real.  The risks with any procedure are real.  

OK that is out the way. 

There are many 3d images of the penis and the muscles which are in the groin area, be informed look them up. The pressure of the muscle or muscle grouping has caused a bend in you appendage. The release of one muscle can correct the bend.

The side effects of the straightening process may include though not limited to the following: extra length, extra sensitivity, more sex,  higher libido, may increase the time it take to become erect,  increase in your sense of self,  ... To name a few.

(On a personal note, however,  the enjoyment of a bent penis for some women is actually more pleasing,  bent penises reach and massage with ease the elusive g-spot.)

Be informed,  all the best in your decision.

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I've got bent penis and yes I've suffered for years not having the confidence to go out or show ladies and as u get older and discover maybe it's not as bad as it seems 

Without wanting to get too personal, my appendage has an upwards bend to it, it's not all that serious but it has made me self conscious when it comes to any form of sex. I too have considered surgery to correct it, but ideas disuaded by the fact that none of my previous partners or "play mates" have ever complained about it, much the opposite in fact. I think, in the end, it's the age old saying "size and shape don't matter, it's how you use it", which has certainly been the case for me personally. It is ultimately your decision, but I think you should, as others have quite right said, do a lot of research before making any decision either way. Don't be afraid to ask your surgeon for reading material, I would suggest that this is a better idea than reading what's available online simply due to the fact that it is often difficult to judge what is reliable information and what is not. I wish you all the best, and hope that you get the outcome that suits you best.
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