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Restricted Stimulation? milking? leaking?


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Not sure what to call it. Has anyone(male) done something like having a vibrating butt plug in but maybe a spiked cock ring on too, so engorgement of penis is discouraged? 

I'm thinking the stimulation and pain to penis would be conflicting each other  with interesting results?  maybe a leaking cock and unable to cum or painful cums?

Any doms or subs had experience like this, or is there other ways?

Yeah good recommendation from Mitchlikes.
I got the same thing with my sub who I’m learning a lot with. She’s super motivated and wants to do a lot of more extreme and more painful things.

But starting off slow and developing the pleasure is in my opinion the best way to start new things.

Except you like the excitement of doing something totally unknown and extreme.
Yeah, resonate with that slow & exciting!
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