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Hate sex (vanilla)


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As soon as I knock on West’s door, he opens it, and with one look at my tear-stained face, he pulls me into the bedroom, encasing me in his muscular arms.

“What do you need, little bird?”

“Make it stop,” I whisper. “Please? Just for tonight. I’ll go back to hating you all in the morning.”

“You can’t hate us more than we hate ourselves for this, Ash, and I fucking promise we’ll fix this.” He tangles his hand into my hair and tugs to tilt my gaze to his. “But until then, I’ll make you forget everything.” He grips the back of my neck and kisses me, a hard, frantic kiss that’s a clash of lips and teeth. It’s exactly what I need, and I clutch his shoulders as he draws me against his bare chest with an arm around my waist. His tongue sweeps into my mouth when I open to him with a gasp, and lust sparks to life in my core, flaming a desperate need that can only be quenched by West.

He drops his hands to my ass and lifts me up, striding over to the four-poster bed. I find myself dropped on my back on the black sheets, and he shoves my dress up to my hips, his urgency an aphrodisiac all on its own.

He crawls up the bed, his large body dwarfing mine. “You’re gonna come all over my face, and then I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to think of anything except my cock.” His fingers snag the waistband of my panties, and he drags them off in one swift motion before spreading my legs with a hand on each knee as he pushes them to the mattress. “Fuck, Ash. You’re so goddamn beautiful like this.” 

He drops onto the bed and slides his finger through the wetness between my legs. Then he clamps his mouth over my clit in a full-on assault that sends a violent shock wave through my body and wraps his hands around my thighs to make sure I can’t escape him. Not that I’d want to. His tongue darts back and forth in demanding strokes, and I’m so fucking wet for him that he thrusts two fingers in with no resistance. 

“Fuck! West!” I clutch at the back of his head, my fingers tangled in his short hair as his emerald eyes lock onto mine. His dark, possessive edge is captured in the way he watches me, knowing that he’s in charge and that my body has no choice but to obey.

He ***s my knee to the bed as he adds a third finger, licking and sucking my clit until I’m a panting, sweaty mess, wired to explode like a fucking bomb. 

“Come for me, little bird,” he murmurs, letting his thumb take over from his tongue on my clit so he can move up my body. He tugs my dress down, exposing my breast to him, and closes his mouth over my nipple, his teeth biting down hard enough to be ***ful. That’s all it takes for me to detonate, and my back comes off the silk sheets as I cry out, the bliss-filled release surging over me like a wave of never-ending pleasure. When it finally recedes, he unzips my dress, pulling it over my head, and takes my ankles to drag me down to hang off the edge of the bed.

“My turn,” he says and shoves his trousers down to his thighs, his cock jutting out in front of him, long and thick. He grabs a condom, rolls it on, and then drives into me with a hard thrust.

“Oh, fuck… West…” I clamp my hands around his upper arms as he pounds me into the bed. In typical West fashion, there’s nothing gentle about the way he fucks me, but it’s impossible to miss the swirl of emotions in his eyes—the regret, the ***, the ***. I don’t know how to deal with everything that happened tonight, and both of us know that this moment is just a brief snapshot in time where we get to pretend it’s all okay, that we’re okay.

So, I focus on the here and now, not thinking about what comes next, and lose myself in the heady mix of sensations he draws from my body. 

“Holy shit, Ash.” West hooks his hand under my knee, bringing my ankle up to rest on his shoulder, deepening the angle and hitting the spot that has my legs shaking as he works me into another climax. “You’re so fucking tight.”

“West, please…” I beg, needing him to give me the release I want.

He slides his hand up to my throat, his grip gentle but dominant all the same. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you what you need, but I want something from you first.” He slows his thrusts, keeping them too shallow to push me over the edge. 

“What? Anything,” I gasp, hovering so closely on the brink that being unable to get there is almost ***ful. 

He places his palm on the bed beside me and leans over me. “Tell me how you feel about me.” His breath is hot on my ear, and I shiver at being so caged in by him. 

“I can’t….”

“You can, little bird. I want to hear it, at least once, as we both know that when you walk out that door, those barriers will go back up.”

“Please, don’t do this. It’s not fair,” I say, unable to stop the tear from escaping to slide down the side of my face as I stare up at him with pleading eyes. 

“Just here. Just in this room. Just between us.” He stops thrusting altogether and gazes down at me with more vulnerability than I’ve ever seen from him. “Please, Ash.”

It’s impossible for my heart not to soften at this violent, aggressive man, telling me he needs to hear words that he hasn’t ever heard from anyone else before. 

“This changes nothing,” I say, already knowing that I’m going to give him what he wants. “I still hate you for lying to me.”

“I know, and I’m so fucking sorry.”

I lift my hand, running my fingers along his stubbled jaw. “I love you, West Davenport. With all my heart. I always have, and I always will.”

He squeezes his eyes shut as he inhales a slow breath, and when he opens them again, they sheen with unshed tears. “I love you, too, little bird. Till the day I die.”

When he thrusts again, it’s impossible to stop the burning release that spirals out from my core, igniting every cell in my body with a fire that I never want to go out. And when he takes me tightly in his arms, groaning his way through his last few thrusts, it feels so fucking right that my heart cracks open like someone’s taken a knife to it, carving out the piece of me that belongs to West, so I can leave it here when I walk away from him.

“Ash,” West says in a ***ed voice as we both catch our breath, but I stop him by gently placing my palm over his mouth. 

“Don’t. Please. Not tonight.”

He nods his understanding, his head hung, and lets me get up from the bed. I slip my dress back on and walk over to the door.

“I’m sorry,” West says.

“Yeah, me too.” I *** my feet out of the room and shut the door behind me, leaving the man I love as miserable as I am.

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Reminds me of a girl I met a while back who I was head over heals for. She played hard to get like took a month to get her to really have a conversation with me. I finally got her to give me a chance and she called me and she was hooked. I went and stayed with her at her place (she's owns a plant nursery 45mins away out in the sticks where my grandparents are originally from) I stayed that night and she microdosed me with Molly but still played hard to get. eventually I went and played down while she made several tik tok videos in her studio (she's a tik tok influencer) hoping she would come find me in her bed later she never did and instead she woke me up for work even tho I didn't tell her a time she just listenwd tonques and hints and calculated when I would need to be up even tho my ass was so caught in the moment I forget to plug my phone in (I own my own biz). I leave and me back the next night and stay for three days . Come to find out her sitty bf had went to jail about a month earlier for getting pulled over and he had taken her gun. Idk why she couldn't let this pos go but she's such a good person she wanted him to have a chance and felt she owed it to him. she finally caved to her desires and when I left to go to the store that night she set me teasing messages and pics and told me to come take it. She wouldn't let me kiss her on the mouth out of guilt and other little things. She had plenty of toys as well as plugs and one fox tail plug that matched the blue streaks in her hair.

Sorry hit send on accident 😂

So I basically have an arsenal of toys etc and when I come in the tail is on and she's not used it w anyone before. (She said I was so easy to talk to that she let me in on things she hadn't felt ok letting other people know about her kink including her 4-5 month long bf) so I spend about a hour on foreplay getting her off multiple times and showing her how to squirt and I can tell that she's clearly having a good time and didn't expect it to be this good. We have sex and a lot of different things are tried etc, and after about 2 hours she's begging me to cum because she's having soany orgasms back to back she's almost overheating and passing out. so I take her full circle and I know what I need to finish and I take her to her bed and basically work up to her legs behind her head eventually and she's almost demonic with her demands of wanting me to cum. I asked "why are you not having fun or is it starting to hurt?" I know she's still wet cause she's squirting every so often and I know deep down her body is becoming exhausted and hyper sensitive and basically I knew I was giving her the best fuck she's ever had. "She finally confesses and says he's getting out in two days and I'm worried he might find out" based off the fact that she was soo tight and was still tight after hours of sex and I could feel the back of her love tunnel and could tell she was being stretched in every direction I knew she meant him coming home and noticing I had been in there. At that moment I leaned in and said "I'm better than him aren't I" "just say it" she wouldn't and would only finally says "no it's the same" I knew that was her being stubborn so I cranked it up another notch with a response of "o yeah?". Fast forward five mins and her new response was " yes you are better like omg this is the best dick of my life I love your dick he's not shit" and after I knew for sure she meant it and that she was being honest and I had dominated her pussy to the point where she couldn't deny the convulsions and was to the point of passing out o finally came in her. (She can't have kids and told me to do so im not actually a psycho lol)
33 minutes ago, Gibious said:
Wow what a sorry but amazing story

Thank you! It’s part of a novel so they do make up and get their happy ever after…


Loved the story. ***ful, but I get it.

When you finish the novel, please let me know when it's available and how I can get a copy. I'd like to read more of that.

Exactly my current relationship maybe¿ I feel To the T spot on unfortunately
Definitely reads better than when it's being lived
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