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I've had this urge to be dominated for a while, to be someone's toy used and abused just for her pleasure. However I'm curious where is best to find like minded people.

I'm not looking for some one night thing but to be a Goddesses obedient slave. I guess my question is, where is best to find myself a Mistress? 


right - so... you're leaning into assorted fantasy tropes and this massively narrows your field and the reality.

there is no easy way to get this. no quick fix. you can't just swipe right and get a match.    Looking at your location - I know you've a local dungeon/event in Kent - and of course if you're not far from London there's a whole bunch of munches, events - and - Professionals.

But, it's like this - if you go into a munch or event and say to Dominant ladies "I want to be your play thing" - they're gonna shrug and say "so do many other guys - and like them, you've nothing to offer me"

Relationships are going to take time and effort and how they shape can be very much down to the people - and there's no certainty on anything.

You may be able to get closer to your fantasy via a professional route - but, this will still take time and you may need deep pockets *at least at first* - but it's someone who might already be looking whom you're at least compensating for their time while you're working out the difference between fantasy and reality and if it's for you.


Thank you eyemblacksheep. May of gotten my words wrong. I don't want to rush into this, probably could of used my words better. All I want to do is get the chance to meet like minded people and talk to people about this and if I'm lucky enough maybe develop a relationship if I meet the right person. I'm not the hit and ditch type of guy and willing to take the time to develop something.

These events where is best to find out about them? And how do I get involved? 



there's a bunch of events on this site - click browse>events - but it's not the biggest resource.   But, y'know, google is as good as anything for a lot of stuff.

A recommendation would be to look up Club DVS - they're in London and geared towards newbies.

To get involved, it's easy - you just turn up.

It's also relatively easy to 'prove yourself' so to speak - many guys say they're in it for the long run and then vanish - people have generally heard it before.   So, all you have to do is - well - not.  

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