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Who is this lady?


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I know I tend to dream of these types of scenarios but I always make the person in the dream. This person does not exist within what I create and didn’t follow the usual scripts of my dreams. She’s also appeared more than once which is insanely odd.

I’ve been recently dreaming of someone whose about 5 foot 8, has bangs and slightly oriental but like milk chocolate skin (similar to me). She wears 4-5 bands on her wrists just bands of rocks/ stones like a band full of glossy brown stones (unevenly cut) and one full of quartz rose stones etc. she also wears a necklace with a bunch of these stones mainly consisting of quartz rose colour.

She seems to be older than me about 29-32

She’s always looking at me directly into my eyes, she’s always smiling like she’s happy to see me, Her nails are long and in the dreams her body feels so soft and ultra feminine. She pulls me into her and strokes my hair and raw back as we engage in what seems to be a vanilla, light, soft and gentle intercourse experience. She whispers magical words of encouragement into my ears as it goes on.

She wraps her legs around me and squeezes gently so I can’t pull out or disconnect and keeps stroking me whispering “good boy, you can do it. Mmmm I love you” etc.

When I finish she holds me tight and moves ever so gently to go with the pulses of ejaculation.

Then she pulls me into her chest (her bust is quite small but extremely comfortable) and tells me that I can sleep in her arms as she isn’t going anywhere. She pets and strokes me until I sleep but then I wake up to real life.

Who is that? Has anyone ever seen anyone like that? Has anyone dreamt of anything like that? It’s just completely random and out of the blue…
That could be a woman of any title as our titles don't determine how we're suposed to treat others, but it does certainly show your prefrences
@Lord_Talion Definitely! I agree! I usually create random people within my dreams to play and live out scenarios but this was really different. She was already there and it was really surreal and strange.

I was wondering if anyone had dreamt of the same person.. or if anyone knows a person matching that description which is why I detailed a lot of specific stuff about looks etc (otherwise I don’t usually ever do that 😅 if you read the other plays and stuff I write it’s got nothing to do with looks)
if you could do a 3D render of this dream invader that definitely would be helpful! using char generator of some video game or if you are capable enough using a 3D software

When we dream our brain uses images from the hundreds of faces we see each day. In shops, in public, on tv or wherever.

Your dream woman is a composite of all these faces.

@alex1796 omg I can’t 3D render 😅😅🥲 so sorry!! 🙏🙏 but yea definitely sure I’ve never seen anyone who looks remotely similar to that

That is why i also suggested some games have like character creator that you can use to customize a character to sort of look like this person you dreamt of 

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