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Desire To Submit. Instant Desire


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When they easily know how to control you… When you are exactly what they want. They whisper “call me mommy” while stroking my hair all the way back.. Triggering my every instinct to give in.

They mount my Lap and stare into my soul through my eyes… the entire multiverse can be seen in theirs. They are everything, there is nothing else in that moment.

They stare at me with such malicious intent, intent to take and own, intent to love with passion. The desire to submit radiates from deep within… My heart races, my eyes widen, my mind freezes in mid thought, my tears of joy form.

I want to give it to them, I want to spread my legs, I want everything I am to be theirs, I want them to take me, take it. I’m safe… I’m in love
Very expressive. I honestly enjoyed this little passage ☺️. You should post more stories like this!
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