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How She Treated Me Yesterday


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Of course I know she is only a friend but she was just too good.. I really wished deep inside of me that she wanted a younger person and that she was a domme like mothering character (including intimacy), to which I had the sad discovery that she was neither, just a motherly type of friend.

Fine of course, I would never ever want to lose this person as a friend regardless of my lost hope inside of me for something more.

The way she gently patted my head and hair triggered my senses inside, my desires leaped from deep within… But only a mere struggle because I am “just friends”. Suppressing the visions of her stroking my hair thoroughly as if I was a dog.. her hand travelling all the way into my back while my body shivers and wanting to fall asleep.

I’m not her type. Why did I crave it in the first place? Ridiculous. I’ll still treat her like she’s the most special being in the world, this moment is just me and her and she willingly chose to spend time with me so I have to do everything to make sure she feels super appreciated for coming along.

I held her hand on several occasions and it felt really comforting, she was definitely a motherly caring person as a friend. I wouldn’t ask for anything more than that from her, what a beatiful soul! 🙏

My little heart and me were happy with this outcome. The feeling of years of loneliness continued to build behind me, but those are temporary right? So it shouldn’t matter until it’s gone!
That's a story that hits close to home for me too. I have a similar situation.
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