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A Fantasy Come True


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               Yesterday about 11:00 AM I was sitting in the living room trying to figure out what to do when the phone rang !! It was a buddy I hadn't talked to for a few months he said him and his partner were coming through town and wanted to stop by and say hi 

             About 30 minutes later they showed up we exchanged hellos and talked awhile when Dave (my buddy) asked if I was still into rubber and scuba gear and kink ?? I said of course be said well tony and I have some gear in the Tahoe if you don't mind we would like to get dressed and see if you would like to go for a dive ?? 

                  I said well go get it you can get ready upstairs in one of the spare rooms !  I heard them carrying in there stuff and talking about how kinky I was and Dave said he has outfits that will blow your mind so I got to thinking !!! Let's see if I can make things hard on them lol !! So I put on my 44DDs and a rubber corset not real tight then I put on a black rubber catsuit back zip with open face hood and gloves and socks and cock sheath and anal condom all attached then I slipped on a pair of my wife's black neoprene swim suit bottoms !! I walked out and in to where they were waiting and there sat 2 totally black rubber encased frog men with nice hard sheathed cocks with a hand on the others cock and now looking at me !!! 

                I said well boys are you ready to attack me ?? They both said yes I smiled and put both hands on my crotch and rubbed hard and moaned and said follow me !! Lol they did we went to the garage and I got us all 3 cressi full face masks and dual tanks and weight belts which all had extra hooks and rings then dive boots with rings and long black slip on flippers then we climbed into the side by side and headed to the flooded quarry a couple miles away !!

                     When we got there Dave said so what kinda attack will this be ??? Then Tony told us he wasn't that confident a diver yet !! I told him he was more than welcome to watch and join in when or if he wanted to !!! And he wanted to use a mask and regulator instead of a full face mask !! I said what ever your comfortable in !! Then i flicked the head of his rubber encased cock as he flinched !! Dave laughed and said mmmmm !! 

                    Dave said back to my question now as Tony walked up to me after I put my tank belt and flippers on my mask hanging off my neck by a strap he had his gear on to and his mask on and reg between his lips he put his hands on the side of my head and let his reg fall and we kissed long and hard as Dave walked up all geared up and ready to dive he said hey that's my partner and grabbed Tony's cock and stroked it as he Tony started rubbing mind through my neoprene bikini bottoms !! 

                  Dave said well are we getting wet or not and we are ready to attack you I was putting on my mask and tightening the straps extra tight !! Lol Dave and Tony got in first and then I slipped in and didn't see them but saw bubbles below me as I looked down Dave grabbed my arms as Tony swam up from below grabbing my legs and putting his mask and reg adainst my crotch as we struggled my bottoms got pulled down around my flippers so I couldn't move legs separately and Tonys reg got knocked out of his mouth and he had my cock in his mouth and Dave had my arms secured as Tony sucked on me and his reg just before I exploded Dave got my legs loose and spread and his his erect cock inside me as Tony started rubbing my tits and stroking my cock I felt Dave go rigid as he filled his sheath with cum and he slowly pulled out of me and just floated there !! The Tony pulled his sheath off revealing a nice hard fat cock he got behind me and slid in me and fucked me while Dave stroked me Tony cum long and hard as did I when he pulled out the cum floated around us some squeezed out of my ass as we started moving again and headed back to dock for more tanks !! But that's another story !!!! 


Mmm interesting scuba alot of cocks there very nice :)

Wow, didn't see that coming....,🤪🫣🤭what a story
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