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The Jewel Thief - Scuba


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The party was in full swing by the time Emma arrived, with guests laughing the night away to the sound of string instruments and popping champagne corks. Emma observed the mansion from her vantage point and withdrew her rucksack from the boot of the Elan. Wearing a thin black wetsuit, gloves, boots weightbelt and hood she silently but swiftly made her way to the pool house, the black neoprene masking her pale skin from the moonlight. 

Jack had been right not to trust her by revealing the location of the safe, who'd have thought anyone would be so cunning as to have a safe in the deep end of a swimming pool, hidden under a grating. His only mistake had been showing his old smuggling partner in crime Emma the diamonds when he returned from his last trip to Amsterdam. The rest was easy. Find the best security firm in the state, break in and view the records. no one had seen evidence of the break in, Emma was too good for that. Everything had to be left exactly as it was, so nobody would know she'd been in for a looksy at the plans to the security details of Jacks mansion, oh, and of course take an imprint of the key! 

Cameras......Emma opened her rucksack and withdrew the still image device. Bypassing the camera, and a digital still of the area later, Emma silently made her way into the pool room. It was a warm night and the neoprene suit she was wearing had made her so hot....she quite liked the idea of slipping into the cool waters of the pool. It was dark in the pool room but Emma could clearly see the lights from the party across the gardens. She reached into the rucksack, removing an infra red torch, her mask and a 'Spare Air' aqualung, good for about five minutes breathing time. 
She slipped into the water, her heart beating faster as the cool water soothed her warm body. The suit felt good on her, her nipples hardened as she inserted the regulator into her mouth and exhaled, sinking below the surface. The sound of her breathing was a turn on, coupled with the adrenaline rush of the heist. 

Emma knew she only had a few minutes of down time to locate and remove the diamonds, all $2.3 million dollars worth. Her hazel eyes scowering the dimly lit deep end for the grate, her gloved fingers searched for the location of the safe. 
'Found it!' She inhaled triumphantly....lifting the grate and removing the key from the pouch on her wrist, Emma had barely inserted it in to the lock when the unthinkable happened....... 
distracted by the search, Emma had failed to notice a shadowy figure approach from behind, it was Vanessa, Jacks new smuggling partner! 
Vanessa grabbed Emma's arms and locked them behind her. Shocked and powerless Emma inhaled frantically on the spare air but her breaths were getting tighter and tighter, she had already been down for about four and a half minutes, she knew these were the last lungfulls of air she would get.... 

Vanessa scowled at Emma from behind her oval mask, her re-breather silent save for the gentle sounds of her inhaling and exhaling through the large hoses. Emma thrashed wildly, she couldn't...couldn't breathe...she thrust her head up at the surface, the empty regulator dropping from her luscious lips as she burbled for another breath. I need air....NOW!!! 
With one last attempt to break free she thrust Emma thrust her head backwards and caught Vannessa square in the face. Reeling in agony, Vanessa released her grip and clutched at her throbbing face, Emma made a dart for the surface, air leaking from her mouth as she kicked for dear life to get to the life giving air. 
Breaking the surface she gulped down a few lungfulls before a sudden tug cut her time on above the surface short... 

The pool lights had come on, Vanessa had flicked them on by remote. The pair fought hard, but Vanessa just couldn't get the same grip on Emma. She lost grip of one of Emma's legs, and with a swift kick in the head from Emma, Vanessa let go to protect herself. This was Emma's chance. now desperate for a breath Emma swung herself around onto Vanessa's back, reached over and wrenched Vanessa's reg out of her mouth, swiftly inserting it into her own and sucked greedily. 
Vanessa bucked like a mule, desperately trying to grab the reg back. This aroused Emma, who by now had grabbed her would be assailants hands and was using them to steady herself as she straddled her back, her clit being rubbed through the thin wetsuit she felt herself start to orgasm as the bucking got weaker and weaker. Emma moaned with delight as she arched her back, rubbing herself hard to finish herself off. 

Vanessa was limp, with an occasional twitch. Emma dragged her to the surface. She was a thief but no ***er. Vanessa was out for the count. Emma gave her mouth to mouth and pumped her chest to revive her. A minute or so passed and an exhausted, but alive Vanessa came around, choking up pool water. Her breasts heaving as she fought to get her breath, she looked around to see no Emma, but worse than that....Emma had taken the diamonds with her! 

The tyres of the Elan screeched off into the night as Emma disappeared into the moonlight. She knew the cops wouldn't be called, after all, Jack couldn't really explain that it was smuggled diamonds that had been stolen! Emma chuckled to herself, her wet hair whipping around her face under the stars.....it had been a most satisfying night....tomorrow she meets the buyer aboard his yacht, but for now it's time for a bath........followed by bed...and perhaps some pleasant dreams.. 

The end....?

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