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My Scuba Abduction


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I had never done anything like this before it was against my rules for safe and sane diving !!! 

          I was looking at a fetish dive magazine and a photo of a lady in tight black rubber wetsuit and they heading looking for dive buddy for wild fun weekend at lake of the Ozarks !! I showed the add to my wife and she said go do it I am going to be gone all weekend ! 

           I didn't call 2 days later my wife asked if I called I said no I figured it was a scam ! She said I did to buy I called it for you and it's not a scam and your supposed to meat her at lodge of the 4 season Friday at 5 pm and be in gear ready to get wet ! I looked at her and said so pimping me out now ?? Oh yeah she asked me how well hung you were I told her average for a small cock !! I said oh thanks will she be shocked when she sees you lied !! 

            I woke up the next morning and she said you better start getting some stuff ready for your trip ! I said so just how kinky is she ?? I think you will be in good company !! She said if I was you I would pack 4 or  5 total enclosure catsuits a couple gasmasks of cock sheath catsuits Roshe had actually made me a list which I finished packing by myself !! Hoods gloves gasmasks 2 rubber beavertail wetsuits with cock sheaths and matching hoods gloves and booty's and fins and both my cressi full face masks and both my double hose dual tank setups and my rebreather 

            I got it all loaded in the  pickup ! Hadn't been in the house but about 30 minutes when she said are you ready to go I said yeah but it's not until tomorrow I need to leave she said well here is her room number she said she would be there Tonite if you wanted to spend the nite and talk about what was going to take place and what we  want and need out of the play so I slipped into a spandex catsuit and sweats and a hoody for the 3 hour drive 

             I pulled up grabbed my stuff out of truck got a cart with 4 squeaky wheels at 3 am in a very posh 5 star hotel went to front desk got key card and elavator code to top floor the elevator door opens no hallway just motel room  so I trip over every fucking thing in the room trying to not turn lites on to not wake my new dive buddy !! I hear this very prim and proper female voice say for fuck same turn a lite on 

            I turned the lite on and there stood the beautiful woman from the add only wearing a thong black spandex leotard and thigh high spandex stockings with garters and a corset pushing her nice tits tightly together she came over put her arms around my neck kissed me on the lips and said babe I am going to bed I suggest you follow me I did and stripped down to my black catsuit and slipped in to bed while she was in the bathroom !! She crawled into bed felt my catsuit and said nice now let's spoon as I did my hard cock was between her but cheeks she reached around and grabbed my cock and said your wife is a liar !!! 

            She said there's no way i can sleep with that thing behind me and she rolled over on her back pulled her thong to the side and  slid my cock out through the hole in the suit and then guided into her pussy as soon as my balls slapped her ass  she shuttered and said oh fuck I feel like a ***ager I just cum after about 2 pumps I pulled out and shot cum all over her stomach and tits !! We woke up and some time in the nite I had slipped inside her I was hard and balls deep in her !!

          She told me to roll over on my back so I did and she put a hand full of lube up and down the shaft of my cock and and she fucked me for a good 45 minutes before I cum !!  

          Then we got up and showered and ate breakfast talked about our dive time discussed our gear and then we got ready I suited up in my tight rubber beavertail suit with cock sheath  we were both in tight black rubber she was using vintage gear to twin hose set up with cressi full face mask !! We had about  15 minutes air left when I felt my pressure hose jerk and saw her drop something that soon was gone then the air had a taste of god she injected something in my air I headed to the surface but didn't make it before my body went limp I could feel her dragging me along then it all went dark I woke up still in my wetsuit and gear breathing off tank air but my mask felt different then a voice said your awake she had put a mask on me with a com then she said the room was full of CO2 so best leave the mask on I was tied face down spread eagle and I could tell my cock was still sheathed but out of the flap !!! 

              Then I felt hands all over me and heard a voice say enjoy my fellow frog women you have 2 days before we have to release him back into the world !!


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