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How To Care For Your Domly Dom


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Care Instructions for Your Domly Dom

Kink Inc. would like to congratulate you on your acquisition of our new product, The Domly Dom. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions of your product on the inside tag.

Once it’s given you its Domly Stare, you may play with your product, provided you’ve sprinkled it with glitter first and marked it with your name in lipstick during storage.

Time and time again, we’re asked whether attacking your Domly Dom with a spanking implement will render it impotent. While this could cause your product to explode all over its Prada shoes, we understand the temptation. However, if you decide to run the risk, remember that a head start to running away is best achieved if a whip is used instead of a flogger. If you're caught, your product may administer a harsh beating that is not at all sexy. (Bratting your Domly Dom is done entirely at your own risk as it may negate your warranty. )

All Domly Doms love practical jokes, but if too many are administered at once, they may begin to sulk. Do not confuse this with The Domly Stare. Once your Domly Dom has been dressed in stilettos and stockings (best done while your product is asleep for safety reasons) wait at the other side of the house for its battery to begin working. Not doing so could cause irreparable damage to your person. Slow runners are advised to offer icecream and blowjobs. Beg and call it ‘sir’ if necessary until its colour returns to normal.

Kink Inc's. top-of-the-line Domly Doms can perform three times daily, but the budget model may require an entire day’s refractory period. Kink Inc. accepts no responsibility for long periods of celibacy in eco-pack products, but deflated Domly Doms are highly responsive to being called "babygirl." We have received reports of certain models transforming into Subly Subs. We cannot explain this alarming development, but we welcome returns of all of these items as Subly Subs are vastly superior to all our other products.

I found that some Domly Doms also appreciate being called princess x
Thank you as always CopperKnob..
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