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Newley chosen as Master.


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I was recently, asked to be someone’s master. So I want to learn more. Never thought of being one before. So I really do not know what to expect. 


I am am in an open marriage, and learned a little from my wife who was collared before. And she’s trying to help me out.


Okay, so what information/advice are you looking for? 

I think it's important for you to do lots of research and work out if it's something you actually want. 


Well, first you have to figure out what kind of master you want to be. Then figure out the things you don’t want to do, then the things you do want to do. Next you have to learn the correct and safe way to do those things. Once you have done all that you need to find out if the things you want to do are compatible with the person you want to do them to


First learn not to make mistake like spelling Master with low case m! 

You are not a Master yet, go slowly and start being a Top and see how you get on! 

Read a lots about safety issues, learn about the human mind and body... 

You didn’t learn swimming by jumping of the boat in the middle of the ocean? 


I feel there's a lot of context missing which makes a difference.

So to get this straight, someone asked you to be their Master and you jumped at the chance despite it being something you've never really thought about?  OK, if so - then there's a couple of warning signs there.

This isn't a decision you should jump into lightly as you can lead someone into false expectations.

What are your current experience levels? Are you experienced as a Top or Dominant already?

For 'what to expect' it's very, very, important to have a clear and open discussion with your prospective sub.  How much of your time are they going to want? Can you manage this in with other commitments?  I know first hand about bespoke-arrangements-for-bespoke-relationships but it is important for conversations to make sure you're on the same wave length

A conversation also to have is why were you chosen as Master?  What did they see in you?  Perhaps there's something in "how you are" they like and this is something you can build on in a relationship with them.

Learning to be a Master is not going to be an overnight thing.  This is something you may need to learn, from a mixture of your own research and interactions with your sub as part of an ongoing process and this is something they should be aware of - this could take many months if not years.  I'm not saying that is bad, I'm saying that this is something to be realistic about.

I think also "I want to learn more" is a weak statement.  What specifically do you want to know? If you don't have any idea what you want to know then your current status is too far in infancy and you need to do a lot of ground work first.

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