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Hold Fast (more poetry)

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Hold fast. The mantra that whispers in my

mind. You can do this; you can take it. Just

breathe. Just be. It’s only ***, it’s only

temporary. It’s a gift, from you to him. You

can take it. You can. Stay here, tight in your

head, safe behind your walls. Keep it together.

Hold fast.


I don’t want to hold fast.


I want to let go. To loose the reins, to let

down the walls that stand rigid inside my mind.

I want to float, all of me in my body, my

consciousness slipping into my toes and over

my back and into my cunt. I want to be in me,

deeper than any cock ever could.   


But I hold fast. And I stay locked up.

And I watch from the sidelines as my body

does it all without me.

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