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Fun Fun Fun part 2


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After showering and drying off I came out of the bath room and Jerry said I think you as a woman really turned those guys on !! I think you should go diving as a woman but don't tuck I think they will loose there minds and lots of cum as well 

                     The thought of it had me instantly hard !! So I slipped on my pink rubber catsuit with all the attachments gloves. Sheath . Anal condom hood . Socks and silicone 40 DDs the hood was going to look odd to some as it had only eye and mouth wholes !! Then I slipped on my pink and black rubber 1 piece wetsuit with gloves and bootys attached this one has a somewhat hidden crotch zipper then I slipped my wetsuit hood on it looked sexy over the pink hood !! Jerry was watching the entire time playing with her self !! She said take the pink fins and use my pink tank and you cressi full face mask but with the regulator mouth piece in your mouth !! So I grabbed my gear and knocked on door between suites . The door opened and I was greeted by a black shiny rubber encased guy with a nice bulge !! As I stepped in I saw 2 more black shiny encased men !! My bulge grew didn't think it was possible !!  They were like we got bad news I said really they said yeah the boat we had rented for today quit yesterday so I sat my tank on the counter slipped into the straps hooked waist belt tightened straps slipped the fins on put my weight belt on and snuggled it slipped my cressi on and the mouth piece between my lips and sat between 2 of them on the couch 1 hand on each of thems thigh closest to me and managed to say suit up boys and the heard me lol !! 2 of them had full face masks and 1 of them didn't but his mask was sexy and his regulator had the strap to keep it from coming out of your mouth !! 2 of them got in front of me and started rubbing on each other and playing with one another's gear and air supply !! My cock was throbbing as I rubbed my fake tits and rubbed my crotch too then the 3rd guy sat next to me he took his tank off but kept mask on and reg strapped in but sat his tank on the floor and laid with his head in my lap looking up at me through his mask as my left hand maid its way to his bulge as he started rubbing me I sat up a little unzipped my suit and worked my pink encased cock out he rolled over undid the strap on his reg and started sucking on me as he slid 2 fingers in my ass then I felt hands on both shoulders and they turned my air off and held me while he sucked me off I cum longer and harder than ever before I passed out I woke up and they were setting around me looking scared !! I said did you guys cum ?? They said no we thought we had fucked up !! I rolled over on my belly and spread my legs and said who wants to cum ??? 

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